TFK BET - EPL 5iver

I had a test competition up there for the EPL this weekend but it’s full so I’ve created another one.

EPL 5er:

  • €5 in
  • 5 participants
  • Pick win/loss from EPL games this weekend.
  • Draws don’t count.
  • Winner gets €22.50

When’s the deadline? I’ve to stand for a christening tomorrow morn and I might not be completely on my game

I wouldn’t risk that fiver so.


@Rocko i thought I’d entered this but a different comp is showing in my Upcoming Entries. Can you investigate please?

You entered one. That one is full. There is now a second competition.

3 spots left in this. 3 hours to kick off.

Can’t log in there @Rocko. Do you register separately for the betting?

You sure do.

Use the same details you use for here…

Great idea as usual cm.

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2 spots left. A chance to be TFK first ever cash winner.

I’m all over this.

I’ve gone in. Who am I up against?

You’ll be taking my money for a start.

I’m full of them.

Sure can’t I see it.

We had 2 EPL competitions this weekend.

The first tournament (with a €10 entry fee) had 4 entrants and was won by @Rocko.

Sensational scenes.

The second tournament (with a €5 entry fee) had 3 entrants. The winnings were shared between @Rocko and @briantinnion.

Commiserations to @Fagan_ODowd, @ChocolateMice, @Bandage and @Chucks_Nwoko.

I’m a little uneasy at the optics of winning the first 2 tournaments but there you go.

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Well done to all winners.


Unbelievable. How much did I win @Rocko? €2.50 less the house’s take?

Get yourself something nice.