TFK Bet - NFL Championship Weekend

I have created a Daily Fantasy competition for Sunday night’s games.

  1. Pick 1 QB
  2. Pick 2 RBs
  3. Pick 3 WRs
  4. Pick 1 TE
  5. Pick 1 DST

You have a salary cap of $450 for those 8 players. Each player has their own value that I’ve carefully worked out (cogged from DraftKings).

Can you pay in with a credit or debit card?

Credit or debit card via Paypal.

Did you pro-rata the salaries off DraftKings or how? Gronk the most expensive player just seems wrong on first inspection. Although with only 2 games, I don’t know how that skews the values from regular season.

They’re straight off DraftKings more or less. Just using a smaller factor and adjusting for the fact it was too complicated to include a Flex.

But Gronk is really inflated this week, mainly because there are only 2 decent Tight Ends. So in a supply and demand world, his value soars when everyone needs a TE.

Minor issue #3729

“Rules & Scoring” doesn’t include the points on offer for DSTs. Of course we all have a fair idea of them, but just putting it out there before cunts like @ChocolateMice use it as an excuse after losing.

It does.

The scoring is:
Sack: 1 point
Turnover won: 2 points

I haven’t mentioned the 6 points on offer if they score a TD but that’s obvious.

I have excluded any points earned based on scores conceded. It’s just too much hassle to add all those parameters now when there’s only a couple of games left in the season. They can be included next year.

paypal wont let me transfer funds in with a card only from a bank account. I definitely would have won too.

Edit: I’m in…someone bump the giddy thread.

Correct you are.

Obviously with just 2 games, it’s tough but this seems next to impossible. I’m gonna have to take the value on offer with the Cards. I expect them to air it out with big returns for Cars & Larry.

Will the scoring update automatically during the game or do you have to do it manually @Rocko?

No. I’ll do it manually afterwards. $200 a month to get a live NFL stats feed.

So we’ll be clueless on who won until Monday sometime. @maroonandwhite has the timezone I his favour and sure he hardly has anything else to be doing.

One final thing, the times on the games are ET rather than GMT.

Yeah there’s all sorts of conflicting times going on from server timrs, local times, game times. I’m sticking with Eastern Time for now to be consistent but I may change that.

5 entrants in this so far.

Time for some of the NFL bigmouths to put their money where their mouths are.


9 people in so far.

  1. Rocko
  2. Chocolatemice
  3. mac
  4. Chucks Nwoko
  5. maroonandwhite
  6. Gman
  7. Lazarus
  8. Raylan
  9. Blake

Prize pot at the moment is €121.50 for the winner.

I’ve done a quick pick. I’m in.

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@Bandage will surely be entering after his Sunday brunch.

What’s time’s the first game, pal?

2005 I believe.

12 of us in there now. €162 to the winner!

  1. Rocko
  2. Chocolatemice
  3. Bandage
  4. mac
  5. Chucks Nwoko
  6. maroonandwhite
  7. Gman
  8. briantinnion
  9. Fran
  10. Lazarus
  11. Raylan
  12. Blake