TFK Betting Rules

TFK Betting is ready to go!

Here is some stuff you should know:

  1. You can bet for free, but that’s not much fun.
  2. You can also bet with cash.
  3. TFK will currently retain a margin of 10% from all betting pools.
  4. That margin may be adjusted in future - I’ll let people know before it is.
  5. There’s a fair amount of high jinx and chicanery on this site, which is all terribly welcome, but there is real money at stake here. Anyone trying to cheat the system, acting the asshole or whatever will be excluded from the betting.
  6. All money for betting can only be transferred in using Paypal.
  7. Likewise all withdrawals will be transferred out using Paypal.
  8. When money is paid in, you are entrusting it to TFK. You are betting against other TFK members, not against me or the website, but you are placing your faith in me taking care of your money. If you’re not comfortable with that then fair enough.
  9. Where possible I will be copying rules, outcomes etc from betting sites and from Daily Fantasy Sites. However I will be the sole judge of what’s fair in the event of a dispute.
  10. I will consult those with experience of betting and experience of DFS where relevant, but where there are disputes, the ultimate decision is mine.
  11. At the moment, I’m leaving it open for people to create their own competitions. If that’s not working well (lack of popularity, too complicated, too error prone, being abused somehow) then I may shut that down but I can still create contests myself.

See other threads for details on where and how to play.

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