TFK Bogball Team 2000-2009 Goalkeeper

Ok guys, following the 00-19 series I am now splitting it in two and running off separate teams for each era.

I will be keeping my very popular and revolutionary Munster weighted vote scoring system to overcome any anomalies.

Best Bogball Goalkeeper 2000-09
  • Declan O’Keefe (Kerry)
  • Cormac Sullivan (Meath)
  • Stephen Cluxton (Dublin)
  • Fergal Byron (Laois)
  • Diarmuid Murphy (Kerry)
  • Gary Connaughton (Westmeath)

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Gaelic Football goalkeepers must be the most unremarkable bunch ever. They only started to become relevant in the last few years when they started to learn how to kick out the ball.

I’m struggling to remember any decent saves any of them made.

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Limerick used to have a lovely, cuddly goalkeeper.

He should be on the list.

Some man to down a bottle of WKD

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Charlie Nelligan, Paddy Cullen and Martin Furlong were very relevant. The string of shite Meath keepers were relevant, relevant to their failure to win the All Ireland for years.


It’s great looking back at the keepers of olden days and the big long run up to the kickout and subsequent jump.

John Kerins was a huge part of the success that Cork had from 87-93
I’d nearly say they’d have won fuck all without him

I’d say they would have shag all without the 2 Kildare lads

Was it at John Keirns funeral that a lot if bad blood between Cork/Meath was finally out to bef

Meath have a great tradition of shite goalies

Yeah, nothing to do with Tomkins or Fahy :rofl:

Cluxton has lads driven demented.

Throwing up polls :joy::joy:

Was Cluxton a shite outfield club player?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Thanks to the GAA for organising the tournament

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You’re probably right but that wasn’t the point to be honest,
Kerins was a superb goalkeeper, he didn’t have any shortcomings

And yes, that funeral was the day the bad blood was put aside, the Meath lads crossed the North gate bridge together not knowing what to expect and the crowd parted, they all went drinking in Moks afterwards

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