TFK Bogball Team 2000-2019 Half Forward Line

The half forward line up now.

I swear to God if ye pricks have Galvin ranking in the top 6 in this line I’m abandoning the fucking thing. I’m at the end of my tether with ye yerra loving pricks though I’m expecting a Galway surge to take over now.

  • Michael Donnellan (Galway)
  • Liam Hassett (Kerry)
  • Oisin McConville (Armagh)
  • Evan Kelly (Meath)
  • Stephen O’Neill (Tyrone)
  • Stevie McDonnell (Armagh)
  • Eamon O’Hara (Sligo)
  • Brian Dooher (Tyrone)
  • Brian McGuigan (Tyrone)
  • Declan Browne (Tipperary)
  • Paul Galvin (Kerry)
  • Ciaran McDonald (Mayo)
  • Dessie Dolan (Westmeath)
  • Peter Canavan (Tyrone)
  • Owen Mulligan (Tyrone)
  • Alan Brogan (Dublin)
  • Alan Dillon (Mayo)
  • Declan O’Sullivan (Kerry)
  • Stephen Bray (Meath)
  • Sean Cavanagh (Tyrone)
  • Pearse O’Neill (Cork)
  • Tadhg Kennelly (Kerry)
  • Danny Hughes (Down)
  • Marty Clarke (Down)
  • Johnny Doyle (Kildare)
  • Darran O’Sullivan (Kerry)
  • Paul Flynn (Dublin)
  • Mark McHugh (Donegal)
  • Colm Cooper (Kerry)
  • Michael Murphy (Dublin)
  • Diarmuid Connolly (Dublin)
  • Mattie Donnelly (Tyrone)
  • Ciaran Kilkenny (Dublin)
  • Donnacha Walsh (Kerry)
  • Peter Harte (Tyrone)
  • Dean Rock (Dublin)
  • Aidan O’Shea (Mayo)
  • Con O’Callaghan (Dublin)
  • Paul Mannion (Dublin)
  • Ryan McHugh (Donegal)
  • Sean O’Shea Kerry

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Galvin-Mcguigan-Murphy for me

Anyway for me it is:

  1. Dooher - the automatic selection at wing forward. If he’s not in your team you are a cunt.

  2. Murphy - the greatest player of the 10s, the complete footballer, the ultimate leader. Nailed on at 11.

  3. Kilkenny - the guys decision making is flawless, never makes the wrong choice. Right foot left foot, good in the air, can take a score, superb tackler, power and pace and he is the calming presence of this Dublin side.

Dooher - Murphy - O Sullivan

Has Murphy not played more at full forward and midfield?

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Not at full forward anyway.

He’s effectively been a half forward since 2012. He only really played in midfield under Rory Gallagher.

Ok. He has to be in so I’ll vote for him here so.

Non of them would lace Michael Donnellons boots…
This whole selection from start to finish has been a joke


That’s fine but Donnellan would be too busy playing hide and seek.

Is it 2/3rds of your team selected so far from a province that won 1/4 of the All-Irelands in this period? Were these lads bottlers or were their supporting cast useless?


Ulster returned three different winners in that decade. The other three provinces returned 4 between them.

There really will be a lot of quality lads left out of the team.

And a lot of average Kerry lads included.

Only thing that might count against Donnellan is his relatively short intercounty career due to injury. He was done at 29 I think and was struggling to remain fit the last few years of that apart from the run to the club title with Salthill in 2006. Apart from that he’s arguably the most naturally talented of the lot when he was at his peak.

What will count against the Galway players is that they doffed their hat to what was a reasonably mediocre Kerry outfit at the time.

McDonald, Gooch, Declan O’Sullivan

The Dubs have even poached Michael Murphy now, it really is financial doping.

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Dooher - Murphy - Connolly

2nd Team so far


McGee Fay McMenamin
McCarthy McGeeney Meehan

Declan O’Sullivan is the Iniesta of Gaelic Football…