TFK Bogball Team 2000-2019 Midfielders

Round 3.

The Kerry vote really seems to have galvanised itself in the half back line one. :rollseyes:

Anyway on to the midfielders, I will try and not make a balls of this poll.

  • Anthony Tohill (Derry)
  • Darragh O’Se (Kerry)
  • Kevin Walsh (Galway)
  • Rory O’Connell (Westmeath)
  • Paul McGrane (Armagh)
  • Sean Cavanagh (Tyrone)
  • Martin McGrath (Fermanagh)
  • Nicholas Murphy (Cork)
  • Ciaran Whelan (Dublin)
  • Enda McGinley (Tyrone)
  • Shane Ryan (Dublin)
  • Dermot Earley (Kildare)
  • Seamus Scanldon (Kerry)
  • Paddy Keenan (Louth)
  • Aidan Walsh (Cork)
  • Bryan Sheehan (Kerry)
  • Michael Darragh MacAuley (Dublin)
  • Neil Gallagher (Donegal)
  • Aidan O’Shea (Mayo)
  • David Moran (Kerry)
  • Anthony Maher (Kerry)
  • Brian Fenton (Dublin)
  • Mattie Donnelly (Tyrone)
  • Colm Cavanagh (Tyrone)
  • Brian Howard (Dublin)

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Poll closes Saturday +1h.

It’s Tohill and Fenton for me.

Cavanagh and Darragh O’Se unlucky to miss out.

Tohill is the greatest midfielder the game has seen, Fenton will probably surpass him.

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Darragh O’Se
Brian Fenton

Sean Cavanagh to maybe feature in the forwards. I was tempted to give Enda McGinley a vote as I rarely saw him put a foot wrong in a match.

Tohill was a superb footballer but he didn’t play much in the time period under review. Best work was done in the 90s.

In my opinion.


Fair enough. I’m voting on the best player rather than when he did it.

Seamus Moynihan is 5th in the half back line vote despite being well past his best in the 00s. He got absolutely destroyed by Ronan Clarke and Brian McGuigan in two All Ireland finals.

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Moran & Fenton

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The best midfielder in the country from that era not on the list.


I’d agree on Tohill, if picking a team of last 30 years I’d have him on it. He was immense. But most of his football was played in the 90s. I’d go for Cavanagh and Fenton. Darragh O Sé obviously very close as well

John Galvin?

In fairness he was class.

At least he has a bag full of All Stars.

He truly was.

I’m sure Galvin was a great player but did he ever play a big game against any county outside of Munster?

Quane and Galvin : No more about it

Clancy has been omitted but tbf a trip on an All Stars tour is not an All Star and thats the criteria.

The correct answer is DOS and Fenton.

Kevin walshe and the lad from Westmeath. Malone??

Sean Cavangh and fenton

Cavanagh and O’Sé for me, Clive.

Fenton narrowly loses out for being slightly below his best level in some recent finals despite dominating in earlier rounds, and for his recent pro Leo Varadkar tweet.


He may not pick up many votes but I always thought Neil Gallagher was an excellent midfielder, brave, strong, very intelligent, used the ball well and was always there when needed. In a Donegal team with lots of overrated players he was one of the genuinely quality players they had.


Agree. A terrific player.

Cavanagh and Fenton. A nod to the much more mobile and rounded midfielder than the fear mor.