TFK Bogball Team 2000-2019

Non bizarro world selection

Marc - Pony - Higgins
Tomás - Leeroy - Jack
Darragh - Fenton
Galvin - Murphy - Kilkenny
Gooch - Peter - PJ

Kerry - 6
Dublin - 4
Mayo - 2
Tyrone - 1
Galway - 1
Donegal - 1


That’s the hillbilly selection.

The cerebral selection would make mincemeat of it.

No right thinking man would omit James McCarthy from their half-back line.

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What makes you think there’s righting thinking men on here?

You’ve got me there. As you were…

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They omitted Joe Higgins, all bets were off from there.

Shur’ it was Higgins at least. Console yourself that the lads "meant"Joe.
Everyone wins.

At least your pal Doyle came up short(ish).

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Its funny that you think a county that has been in 12 finals in this period, winning 6 of them, shouldnt have one single player on the team.

Why is it funny?

The team of the 00s couldn’t do it against Tyrone. The team of the 10s couldn’t do it against Dublin.

They made use of a very unfair system that parachutes them into the last 12 every season.

I think they had a team of decent to very good players who never really did it when the heat was turned up with the exception of Donaghy.

Full back a weak spot but otherwise a very, very good team.

That’s a team you want in the white heat of battle.

That’s a team you want opening up a new club grounds.

Great team … has every thing and could win it any way you want to play it.

@Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy has correctly sussed that Munster people all love Kerry, and vote accordingly.

This should be good :popcorn:

Is @Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy @Il_Bomber_Destro @Nembo_Kid really Jim Corr?

I thought that was happening but it’s best not to take these things too seriously, much like the All Stars.

All Ireland’s won from 2000-2019:
Kerry: 6(albeit a few handy ones)
All of Ulster: 5

Gooch Cooper surely has to walk onto any team of the last 20 years. Also Michael Donnellan wasn’t at his best post 2003 so hardly deserves selection in this team for a couple of decent years in the early 00’s.

Have you not got a cousin to be riding?


Back away from the keyboard, Cletus.