TFK Capitalist Thread

Yup. No more than a lot of stocks though. But definitely an extreme version of it. I suppose tis a bit Wolf of Wall Street but using social media to get willing lemmings

The market giveth and the market taketh away. GME announced shite earnings and another share sale. Why wouldn’t they and the company way overvalued.

They weren’t supposed to announce until next week. Dark forces of the market in to sort out the upstarts

Probably a bit more than most stocks though

Capitalism is a massive Ponzi scheme.

It’s tipping along so fast now that it will surely have to crash and burn some day.

I see GME managed to sell 2bn of their dogshit stock into the apes buying.

They now have $4bn of cash on the balance sheets, and a dying company.

What a bizarre World.

They may as well use the $4bn to buy a profitable company altogether

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Send me a link.
I’m in.
I could do with a few pounds

Bed, bath and beyond

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

They’re sinking

Bit of capitalism at work.

Wearing his shoes in the bed was a bad move.

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Put his foot in it.


My my Grandma what big boots you have

Sounds like she was caught rotten and your man just hopped into the bed :smile:

Pure greed.
110 was really pushing it.

I suppose tis hard to kill off a dead person once you’ve skipped their actual death.

There is a bang of Shameless off that.

Nvidia beats Microsoft to become world’s most valuable company (

That’s a bit wild. Seems like a bit of a fluke.
I could be wrong here, as I understand it the Graphics Cards that NVidia made for computer games have turned out to be ideal for AI, so they’ve been powering the AI computing boom.

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