TFK Capitalist Thread

I can think of only two biggish ones that commenced last year (Waterfront Central which has Citi as a tenant and the Frame).

That’s about 2.75 m sq ft of vacant office. Or about 27 European Money Laundering Authority space requirements in a market where the tech bros arent taking up any new space and building standards are changing daily. LEED buildings are already old hat. You can forget about anything pre LEED. The reality is that a lot of that space will stay vacant until a shit load of money is pumped into them to repurpose them or bring them up to the current standard. Spec office development should have been a thing of the past. It’s amazing how people fail to learn the lessons of history.

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There really isn’t hasn’t been a lot of speculative builds that started since Covid.

College Square is the big one but that’s mixed use.

@Tim_Riggins what’s the story with Bank Centre? Facebook took it and never moved in?

They moved in but didn’t occupy all of it.

The 6 floors of office here were recently given amended planning to be more residential

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Buying it back for €500m

Some great hand signals from the trading floor in the replies