TFK Changes

  1. TFK Home as we know it is gone.
  2. TFK Blogs are back.
  3. Anyone can write in their own blog but that wasn’t possible with Wordpress and I don’t have time to keep maintaining that or filling with content.
  4. Home page of the forum is slightly spruced up and can be improved further.
  5. Will make the blogs look a little better when I get a chance if I can.
  6. All my excellent writings on Celtic can now be found at

How do you get your picture/avatar on the front page. Some fella called ‘Tom Kemp’ who i have never heard of is there and some of the forum heavy hitters aren’t.

At the moment it’s random Dunph but I may change that.

What was wrong with the old website out of interest?

As is

Hyperlinks appearing in some posts for some reason. If you hover over them adverts pop up. Rocko has sold us out again it seems.

Can we get TFK wiki back? That was great.

The front page ended up as more of a distraction. Didn’t have enough regular contact and the main traffic is on the forum so putting that “front and centre” so to speak. You agreed to all of this at our last TFK Admin meeting.

Please withdraw that remark. There are no pop up or hover adverts anywhere.

Potentially - but that was really difficult to get working and it was a bit of a drain on resources. Will look into it though Brian.

By the way the new frontpage of avatars won’t show for anyone on IE7 or IE8 because they’re not very stable.

Good move to free up the board of all that Glasgow Celtic nonsense.
Well done.



+2. I poured my heart and soul into that fucking thing :shakefist:

New front page is very good rocko. I assume the omission of the 5th biggest topic on the entire forum is an oversight you’ll soon correct?