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What is this craic all about???:confused:

Portraying a Scottish Premier League Club as Irish somehow. :thumbsup:

What now?

I knew you wouldn’t get it…

Bunch of lads running around a field.

Enlightened me so. As far as i can see you’re talking gibberish as usual…

I don’t get it

Puke posting Drunk perhaps?

Explain please Puke.

The Puke Has Lost it

Have a mess about with this thing for a couple of days. Bit more power to your profile pages now. E.g.

  • can embed music
  • can embed videos
  • can have your own blog
  • can have most widget type things that you’d get on facebook etc.

Any suggestions let me know or if it’s an annoying pile of shite then let The Dunph know as he coded most of it.

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Rocko is there any way that I can stop getting pm’s when I get a message on my profile, or failing this can I have the size of my pm storage increased, please and thank you

The Dunph says No.

Go to your profile page. Then Settings, then Notification Preferences.

I just poked myself :eek:

I’d like to take this opportunity to say hello to my profile neighbours BrianTinnion and Bandage.

Here rocko, where the fuck has the TV guide gone?

Profile neighbours, Chocolate Mice and The Runt.

Cant say fairer than that.:thumbsup:

I’m the Mayor.

Hey Rock. How do you make new blocks on the profile page?