TFK CSC- Roll Call-Fowlers 19.00

Signing in

just me ,croppy & DB so far

Rocko? Larry?

I’ve arrived to get the ringside seats. Some of the Huns sniffing around Gibneys already.

Main street could be a bloodbath tonight

I am watching this box office event in Cassidy’s in town.

I hope that’s not Cassidy’s of Westmoreland Street is it?

Ah oul Cassidys :smiley:

No, that place is a dump.

Thank God for that.

Late change of plan… signing in.

Will most likely be off to the pub for this one. Hopefully someone will update the match thread.

Hope you bhoys had a superb night. :clap:

I’m now 3 Glasgow Derby matches undefeated when watching with the Wexford CSC - 2 wins and 1 draw. :clap:

Was quite disappointed with Maggie May’s tonight though and I’ve been very happy with them on my previous visits.

The youthful barstaff didn’t seem to grasp the magnitude of the game. No sound until shortly before kick-off for example. :rolleyes:

I’m also thrilled to report that Cassidy’s of Westmoreland Street has been a victim of the recession.

Yes, the pub that delighted in throwing us out when the inaugural TFKXMSPRTY was in full swing back in December 2006 went to the wall a while back. :clap:

Bhoys, could you all post on this thread to let me know when you’re home safely?

So far I’m waiting on the following:

  • Rocko;
  • TASE;
  • dancingbaby;
  • Croppy;
  • Totti.

Home but emotionally drained.

Home and also equally emotionally drained.

I feel like a young man after my first kiss with an attractive girl from the neighbourhood. My heart is all aflutter and my head is spinning but I just know I’m in love.


I was in there on Thursday night.


It was around 3am before I made it home Bandage. Beautiful stuff and we all it all to Joe Ledley’s forehead. Has he tweeted since?

Fran, Cassidy’s on Westmoreland Street? I was involved in bringing about its closure. Has it reopened?

Totti, Ledley tweeted last night and this morning. :clap:

That’s the one I was in, Bandage. I was never in there before it closed. It seemed average to decent. Maybe it has changed hands