TFK Dance Classics Thread

Daft Punk : Around the World

Prodigy : No Good

De 'Lacy : Hideaway

PF Project feat Ewan McGregor ( aka @Mark Renton ) : Choose Life

Finally… :smiley:

Binary Finary 1999.

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Liquid child- Diving faces.

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Thou spleeny spur-galled bum-bailey.

One of the best gems from the golden age of trance,if you have never heard this tune then enjoy! to be back in the year 2000 :frowning:

Fragma-Tocas Miracle

Capella : U Got 2 Let The Music

One of the best drum and bass sessions you will hear. Dj hype and Mc Mc at United Dance 1996

Carryharry is it possible to allow more tracks from say up to 2001 on what I feel will be a wonderful thread? too many classics from 2000-01 to leave out,which in all honesty was the last of the glory days of dance music…