TFK Dance Classics Thread


Christ. It’ll take a month for the smell of shit to come out of your nose


I remember you posted this a few years ago. I was after getting a savage set of sennheiser headphones throught work and I was working on a bit of c# code that had me in a heap… I threw on that album. Jesus, the code flew out of me. I was building nested loops and dynamic arrays for fun. It stirred something inside me that day.


would you not try a bit of functional programming.

groupBy and select - nested for loops would fry a juniors head if they had to come in and try and maintain it.


PLC programming is where its at :sunglasses:



A forgotten Chillout classic



I’m here listening to it again having a little me time, the young wan tested Daddy this morning.


I’d often throw on a few classical classics when they throw a tantrum. A few minutes of Vivaldi has been known to restore order to a house.


Throw ‘twink’ in to Google and hit Images, something mind blogging happens then


Savage mix from LTJ Buckem - from 1995.



this one is better


This has it all.


Another 45 bales wrapped and stored up for the for the winter :clap:

This yoke popped into my Spotify feed during the home run. Holeeee fuuuck





Some deep house


Some Garnier


Liz Kay : True Faith