TFK Euro 2012 Sweepstakes

Since Rocko put the kibosh on my prediction contest I have decided to launch the TKF Euro 2012 sweepstakes.

The first 15 posters to state an interest in taking part on this thread along with myself will be included. Stritchly first come first serve*

Winner gets:
2 weeks of free toner countersy of Fitzy
A 2 week free premium subscriptions to The Dunph’s tipping service
A picture of Lohan the wonder dog
& a crate of beer which Rocko owes me from the stock competition

Once we have 16 interested people I will make the draw

  • I hold the right to reserve entry to the competition from users if i feel like it

I’m in

Signing in. Hope I don’t get the Spanish.

I want in please


Just like how i wanted in the fantasy NFL league :strokechin:


6 down - 10 to go

Signing in

I apologise for my actions during that fiasco. Those were different times.

Count me in.

Signing in


I am in the middle of creating a spreasheet for the draw. All going well i will have it completed before the tournament kicks off next friday

South Armagh Sniper text me to say he is having trouble logging in but would like to be in the sweepstake.

I presume Liam Flag will witness the draw

Sign me up.


We now have 8.

Can I play?

Yes, that is 10