TFK Exclusive re: AFR

I’ve just got my wish and had my contract severed at AFR. Although he hasn’t given me the curtousy of making it official as yet. Does this mean i’ll be spending more time on tfk? Stay tuned to find out…

Did you get an email Dunph? What was the straw that broke the camels back?

You do realise Bandage and AFR are the same person don’t you?

Aha! I knew it!

“I ain’t sayin nuthin”

No email Mac, but if i try to post it says ‘logon details incorrect’ which i assume means i’m gone. I’d sooner he said something, especially after all the goading i’d been doing. The final straw must have been when i stated that waterford has the highest density of travellers to knackers of any of the countys in Ireland!

id say he has a fair idea dunph and wont give you the satisfaction of making it public

I think that’s exactly it. Fooker.

would you say that magpie tom is getting the road as well…

I’d imagine so. That’s what he wants anyway. One of ye should go in and ask Cahill whats become of the 2 boyos? See what he says! Although he might keep quiet too…

Do you not think this is a bit of a pointless exercise Dunph?

I think he owes me that much at least fran. In fairness i wasn’t banned for much. Basically, he doesn’t want people to know theres more posters gone due to his ruling with an iron fist. This can all be traced back to shermangate btw.

Fair enough. There’s no way he’s gonna give you the satisfaction of announcing it though. He’s hasn’t contributed anything to the forum in weeks apart from a few death notices.

Ball-Ox got barred from TFK, does that mean he’ll spend more time on AFR?