TFK Fun Runners Thread 2024

This’d be cool thing to do, you’d feel like some waster if you couldn’t keep up with him for 42k

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Leeds, middle of May. A hilly course, thank God I live in the leafy Douglas Basin, loads of assents to train on.


Throw up your fundraising link if you’re doing it for charity. Good luck with the rest of the training, & the race too I guess.


Thanks mate. When I get the iDonate page ready at the end of the month I’ll put the call out. The Rob Burrows Leeds Marathon is primarily for the MND charity in the UK. I’m raising funds for the IMND.


@backinatracksuit if i ran from the Clare St entrance out along the canal to UL and then back in how far would that be?

That depends on what part of UL,
It’s nearly 4k from that Clare street entrance to the boathouse but that path goes all the way to Annacotty

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I could go to the boat house and back so

It’s more like 3k to the boat house but nice run, hadn’t been on it in years, well before it was upgraded.

Did you ever get a sore ribcage/chest (just under the diddy)?

I’m meant to be running a 4 mile race tomorrow but a soreness came on me yesterday morning despite not getting a dig or anything.

It’s left central & I initially wondered if it was a heart attack. It was also one of those ones where it was sore to exhale deeply or even sneeze or to bend down.

You know the way you’d usually move automatically without thinking but sometimes when you’re hurt your brain almost sends a signal in advance…don’t even think about it.

It was a strange one. Google also diagnosed possible inflammation of the diaphragm, gastric acid infection & all sorts.

It seems to be easing off somewhat as today is continuing. It’s more a discomfort than a pain now & I’m back to picking things up without any mental block or grimacing.

I’ll probably chance the run in the morning if it’s not cancelled because of weather if the improvement continues.

Sounds like it might be just a strained chest muscle. Keep an eye on the HR when you’re running. If there isn’t anything noticeably different, you can probably rule out the ticker

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As @caulifloweredneanderthal says it sounds like a strained muscle inbetween a rib. I’ve pulled them a few times and always when doing something simple. A balls of a yoke but sorts itself out in a few days and nothing you can really do for it.

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He should still caution the St John’s Ambo lads to have the defib charged in the morning


You’ll never want to yawn so much as when you have that particular affliction :man_shrugging:


Sounds like an auld pull.

Bandages HR is not one to set your watch too, always through the roof.

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Thanks for the INTERNET diagnosis, bhoys. Puts my mind at ease. Heart rate data all regular.

I felt a little “click” in the chest/upper ribs when walking yesterday morning so whatever way I contorted myself…that might have been the moment of the strain, as the pain came on shortly after that.

I know where the two defibs are in St Anne’s Park due to my race marshal(l)ing background so all good on that front too.

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28:34 for 4 miles this morning. I’ve had ready made excuses for all my 2’24 races so far, mainly conditions, & it was very windy for this one. 2 lap course - I’d say it was roughly 1.3km to begin with wind helping but tree lined course providing good shelter followed by 1.9km back into teeth of it up more exposed/wider main avenue. It was a right slog into the gale on the second lap & it struck me that going clockwise rather than counter-clockwise would have been ideal.

I had 4:12/km or 6:45/mile & 27 minutes as a guide when looking at it the other day based on inputting my recent race times into the pace calculator. I revised that downwards to 4:20/km when Kathleen’s presence became apparent but I came in at 4:26/km or 7:09/mile & 28:34 in the end. That said, I think it was a par display based on effort/feel & so I’m giving myself a 75-90 second wind adjustment factor!

Not pulling up any trees with my 4 mile (today), 5 mile (Raheny), 10 mile (Trim) & half marathon (Paddy’s Day) times this year but it’s nice to be consistently training & racing. Hoping that will eventually pay off in the months ahead & I’ll see more tangible improvement in my race times. Next thing I’m down for is the Coolock Running Club 5km in 3 weeks.


You’ve serious mileage built up for this stage of the year so hopefully it’ll stand to you for your Marathon bank. Good running today in those conditions. Hard to figure out how best to manage wind like that.


Get in behind a fat fella would be my tactic


Sure the fat fella wouldn’t be moving forward at all at all :man_shrugging:

I was crossing the Shannon bridge into the teeth of the gale this morning and it felt like I wasn’t moving

You’d be surprised. I’ve seen some big lads move surprisingly quick