TFK Hurling team of the last 20 years - corner forwards

A lot of very good players listed. Could easily had another dozen on it who wouldn’t look completely out of place on the list. Who you got?

  • Paul Flynn - Waterford
  • John Mullane - Waterford
  • Pat Horgan - Cork
  • Ben O’Connor - Cork
  • Joe Deane - Cork
  • Eddie Brennan - Kilkenny
  • Richie Hogan - Kilkenny
  • DJ Carey - Kilkenny
  • Damien Hayes - Galway
  • Conor Whelen - Galway
  • Eoin Kelly - Tipp
  • Lar Corbett - Tipp
  • John Mcgrath - Tipp

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John Mullane and Conor Whelan.

Eoin Kelly and Paul Flynn for me

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DJ Carey and Pat Horgan

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Are you picking DJ off his whole career or for his contributions from 2000 onwards?

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5 different picks from 3 selections so far

2000 onwards

I am picking him and will not be talked out of it!

Fair enough, he was a HOTY in this period.

Hayes and John McGrath are probably just below the rest but are fine players in their own right. You could make a strong argument for all the rest listed.

Mullane & Kelly

Mullane & Fast Eddie for me

I’m going with Kelly & Deane.

Mullane & DJ

Corbett and Mullane

No Mul. fucksake

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DJ, Horgan, and Kelly

The Laoisman and Kelly

Has to be DJ and Kelly. That jennet Mullane could find himself up against Brian Murphy and he’d do nothing.

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Kelly and Lar, both completely unstoppable for numerous years

Same as.