TFK Hurling Team of the last 20 years - Manager

I suppose it is only fair that we have this poll but you would think the man who won a dozen will top it in a foregone conclusion but it fills a gap until the next polls start when the wing forward positions are finalised. All Ireland winning managers only so no Daly, Derek McGrath, Anthony Cunningham, Richei Bennis, Cyril Lyons, Eamonn O’Shea, Declan Ryan, JBM etc who all managed team to A/I final defeats in this era

  • Brian Cody
  • Nickey English
  • Donal O’Grady
  • John Allen
  • Liam Sheedy
  • David Fitzgerald
  • Michael Ryan
  • Liam Donoghue
  • John Kiely

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Who’s Liam Donoghue?

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If Davy doesn’t win this then we don’t deserve hurling

Typo on my part - Meant Michael. Unfortunately you can’t edit or delete the poll after it has commenced

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A brother of his, close enough.

Straight shootout between Davy and John Kiely here


Twin at that

Who’s john kiely

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Kiely by a country mile.

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JBM worth a nomination here for working a minor miracle getting Munster titles out of that Cork team and damn near an all Ireland which he had if Gavin blew up on time



Trained Carlingford Lough

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Only decision here is Cody or Sheedy. I’d have O’Shea there ahead of either

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Cody if there’s any morals here

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Cody for what he’s done, the bollox, The Iceman cometh

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Totally agree.

Shur you’ll have a few lads rightly voting Cody and a few dullards voting Kiely etc.

But, what Davy achieved with Waterford, Clare and Wexford has been extraordinary and I doubt any of the rest mentioned could have done so.

Vote Davy and often.


Cody won a few AIs without the 30+ players he had at his dispoal during the 00s. He bate the shite out of the AI champs last year in the semi final FFS

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Codys great but easy do it when you have the players.
Davy brought Waterford to their 1st All Ireland in 45 years and was unlucky to come up against the greatest team of all time at their absolute zenith, Cody has said this himself
Davy won an all Ireland with an average Clare side when no one else was looking. (Not that the cunts give him any thanks for it)
Davy is doing great things with plucky Wexford they even beat Kilkenny once

Davy has brought more joy to more people that all the other candidates combined, he’s the man



TFK first team selection so far

Canning - Burke - Tyrell
Walsh -McGrath - Delaney
Fennelly - Lynch

Manager - Brian Cody

Second string

Finn - Richie McCarthy - Barrett
Foley - McMahon - Maher

Manager - Davy Fitz