TFK Hurling team of the last 20 years - wing forward

A lot of fine hurlers on the list. Plenty of good ones not listed either. The likes of Ben O’Connor, Richie Hogan, Lar Corbett will be in the mix for corner forward if not selected here. Shefflin will be an option at full and corner.

  • Eoin Kelly - Waterford
  • Dan Shanahan - Waterford
  • Ben O’Connor - Cork
  • Henry Shefflin - Kilkenny
  • Eoin Larkin - Kilkenny
  • TJ Reid - Kilkenny
  • Richie Hogan - Kilkenny
  • Bonner Maher - Tipp
  • John O’Dwyer - Tipp
  • Lar Corbett - Tipp
  • Kevin Moran - Waterford
  • SĂ©amus Harnedy - Cork
  • Cathal Mannion - Galway

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Going for the two Ballyhale men here

Rate Eoin Larkin very highly too but have gone for Shefflin/Reid

While TJ is a fine hurler I think Eoin Larkin was the best wing forward to have played in the last 20 years. Larkin for me with Shefflin on the other wing as he is the best forward of the last 20 years

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I have gone for Ben and TJ. Don’t think Shefflin played a lot of his career at wing forwarf, usually operated between 11 and 14. DJ could also have been possibly included here.

Sone of the voting so far as usual has been a joke. Mark foley and richie mc getting on the second team. Ffs.

Cody has always had a great way of maximising his left hand on top players, by playing them down the left.

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Agreed. A disgrace they weren’t starting


I would doubt DJ played any hurling at wing forward to from 2000 onwards. Was full forward in 2000 and corner from 2002 to 2005.

Ben and Shefflin.

Harnedy fortunate to make the list

The Limerick fellas can’t help themselves.

Dan and Larkin for me.

He has two all stars. I have included every multiple all star in the period which is only fair.

I rate Ben very highly. A great but he is up against it here and in the corner you would feel

Larkin and Teej for me

Sheff and Larkin

I couldn’t vote for Larkin after he exposed himself as a complete and utter simpleton in the wake of the AIF last year. Shefflin and Ben O’Connor here.

TJ & Larkin.

Shefflin for the FF line

Thats it, thats the tweet

Will Henry be a Corner forward option?

+1 on this. You couldn’t have an utter simpleton on a GGA team

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I agree with this sentiment. Regardless, Ben thoroughly deserves a berth here but the Treaty Simpletons will destroy this poll too.

Is that why you never got a run?