TFK iOS App v2.0 (well 2.02) Released

Just about to release this app.

I don’t have an iPhone or iPad so you may have to help yourselves a bit here if you’re stuck on anything. It’s a new interface with sliding menus from the side and the whole app reading/posting etc should be slicker.

It may take a little while for it to appear on iTunes but it has been approved and all that jazz so it’s just waiting to appear in the search results.

Can someone let me know when this becomes available for them on the App store via a search or on their updates list or whatever? Takes a day or so usually as far as I know.

Not there yet

Hmmmm this is new…

I’m about to download. Just wish I’d noticed it was available before I wasted my morning dump using the website.

I like it so far.

Enjoy guys.

Well done @Rocko this is a major improvement.

Tagging doesn’t seem to work the same way it does on the website. I’m not getting a prompt when I type the @ plus the first few letters of a poster’s name.

Can’t rate posts? Fuck this shit.

You can like them.

Looks good. Like it.

Ratings are better.

Yeah but not practical for the app.

Ratings would be nice alright, but I liked the ability to swipe a thread as read on the main page, can that be gotten back?

Overall, good work. You nerd.

Looks good on first glance

How do I quote a post in the app?

Also, the heart rather than the thumbs up for a like is a bit shit.

Seriously, step by step to quote a post in the app anyone? Can’t see what the feck is going on!

It’s quite easy for those with a brain.

I like it @Rocko. Smooth to use and looks great