TFK one line movie reviews

Schlinder’s List

The horrors of the Holocaust and a token nice story so as not to overwhelm the audience.

Emperor of the North Pole
2 Hobos try to get a free train ride

Kill Bill

He dies at the end

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

Politically correct tedium

The Last Samurai
Japanese Dances with Wolves

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The Bus that Couldnt slow down


Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Bruce Lee in Killarney.

Spiderman 3

Spiderman dances up the street. Fuck off Sam Raimi.

The Banshees of Inisheerin.

Mildly eccentric Irishmen with fondness for porter have adverse reactions to death of a small donkey.

God be with the days when the only bit of a tit you’d see on telly was when the priests on Féach would visit some remote tribe in the Amazon.

They weren’t real tits they were Féach tits …


Cineclub on Friday Nights was the best bet for real tits.

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Cinema Paradiso

The fuckers are lining you up for it the entire movie

The Crying Game

It’s only a prick of a movie


Seeing this on channel 4 was normally a precursor for T&A

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Eurotrash was the job for that craic on Friday night