TFK - Please Decide What I Will Have For Dinner

I am very much undecided and will go with the outcome of the poll as it stands after 20 minutes. I will decide myself if nobody votes or in the event of a tie.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Best regards,

I went for Chinese Bandage. Perhaps some kind of duck dish?

Pizzeria. Nicest. Most expensive thus providing most money to a depressed local economy and most VAT to the national coffers

Thanks for your time, Runt.

My very best to the family as always.

Stopped off at Burger King there for a Double Angus meal. I would recommend the chipper.

I went for chipper myself. good aul burger and some chips!

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lot to be said for a gud burger, super fud

Thanks to all. Regards to all your loved ones also.

Last 5 minutes of the vote now.

Just had a proper homemade burger, get to the chipper and dont mind the foreign stuff…

Is it a gud chipper Bandage, Burducks?

Results are declared final and ‘Traditional Chipper’ is the winner.

Chinese - 3
Pizzeria - 1
Traditional Chipper - 4

Thanks to everyone for their time.

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