TFK Quiz ***Prize Offered***


Have we a winner for this fucking thing yet.


fuck knows, all i can see at the moment is losers


As far as I can see, the competition has been an effort to single out the simpletons of the forum.


Ah tbf I got a “Nice Reply” badge for my post so I’m already a winner :innocent:


That was a wonderful post mate. You’re a tremendous addition to the forum.


Have the answers been checked and verified by @Bandage yet?

Cc @Rocko


Just the 1 @HBV.

@Copper_pipe, you’ll soon learn that @Rocko has an attention span & memory that makes a goldfish look like Jimmy Magee


The answers:

Q1 - Wexford was the most used search term in December 2017.

Zero correct answers. A little surprising that nobody guessed this.

Q2 - Ewan was the second most used search term in December 2017.

Again, no correct answers. Ewan obviously searches himself regularly.

Q3 - 1,174,680 pageviews on TFK over the month ending 8 January 2018.

Only 2 close guesses here. @Ebeneezer_Goode guessed 1,145,609 and @TreatyStones

Q4 - 17,501 PMs sent since we moved to this forum software.

@Gilgamboa with 18,000 was closest here.

Q5 - @Balbec sent me a PM. The only member to do so. A lovely man.

@Horsebox, @the_man_himself, @aristotle, @briantinnion, @Smark, @treatystones with correct answers.

My maths tells me that the winner is @treatystones with 2 out of 5 correct answers. Send me a size and an address by PM please.


Size should be XS


You’re some gobshite :laughing:


I do my own thing.


Not sure who is sadder, balbec or Ewan


Deary, deary me


@balbec. Definitely @balbec


You can come back from this


It’s almost like @Rocko set up this whole thing so that he could out @balbec .


@balbec needs to rebrand




That was cruel from @Rocko


Some fascinating posting going on here today. Really insightful.