TFK Stats

One of the main pieces of feedback I get about TFK is that we don’t get to see enough graphs about the usage of TFK, so I’ll address that a little here with a short series of graphs illustrating some obvious volume and quality metrics over the past 3 months:

Number of Posts

The inclement weather, and an interest in Ulster rugby appear to have prompted an increase in posts in recent weeks.

Number of PageViews

In contrast, the number of pageviews has been reasonably static over the past 3 months. There is not a sudden influx of visitors it would seem. And the members aren’t visiting more frequently either.

Number of Likes

The likes are increasing though. We’re not just getting more poor quality posts. Our additional volumes of posts are at the same high quality as they were in 2017.

The average post : like ratio is fairly static. That spell where we went up pver 1.2 likes per post was from 21 December to 25 December. A sentimental shower obviously.

Long Term View

And finally a longer term view of TFK post counts over the past 8 years.

It’s not immediately clear from the busy data points how the post count is increasing but the trend line is firmly going up and we’re frequently/consistently seeing > 1,000 posts a day now, something we only did once between 2011 and 2015.

The two biggest days for posts have been 10th July 2016 (the day of the Euro 2016 Final, Munster Senior Hurling Final and the Connacht Senior Football Final) and 3rd September 2017 (All Ireland Senior Hurling Final).


:clap: it really is a hurling forum.


What caused the spike in views in early December?

I don’t know. It was 12 December. A Tuesday and nothing memorable happened from a quick Google search and our post count fell that day.

Hurling is what unites this place.

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It was the day they released the TAM ratings for the year.

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We should bring back sledgehammer

The Mulliance ran him outta here in the 1st great war.

@rocko, have you any stats on posters rebranding?

Sledge is not to be trusted

Are you selling? How much is it worth now?

Predict number of posts on a given day/topic must be next step.
XP - Expected Posts

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Any stats in and around the build-up to Jul 27th 2014, the last Limerick-Wexford championship clash?

A 2018 encounter could necessitate the use of the much-overlooked portrait-oriented graph.

I’m always open to offers. We’ve been in advanced negotiations before but nobody ever wants to take @Bandage across under TUPE.


You managed to pawn him off to that Monaghan lady fairly handy. Great bit of business there.