TFK Terror Level

I’m officially downgrading TFK’s Terror Level (“TfkTL”) from “substantial” to “moderate”. This is mainly based on my belief that mickee has calmed down slightly in the past couple of days after his series of deranged and bizarre posts last week.

This essentially means that further personal attacks from mickee, or indeed any other poster, remain possible but have become more unlikely.

However, forum members can rest assured that there won’t be any reduction in security or complacency on the part of the moderation team.

Any further change to TfkTL will be communicated to users via this thread and I also intend to appoint a TfkTL committee to assist myself, Rocko and The Dunph in assessing the threat on an ongoing basis.

Please express your interest in joining the committee on this thread also.

Is there a mileage allowance?

Being out in israel mickee finds it harder to adjust to moderate terror levels and is simply out of his comfort zone here.

Bandage, I would like to be considered for the position of TfkTL Coordinator - AsiaPac.

I would also like TfkTL to adopt the Australian Government’s advice to the people during the war on terror - Be alert, not alarmed.

Mickee hasn’t gone away yet you know.

I would further like to suggest that Dunph is given emergency powers to waterboard TTK.

TfkTL remains moderate but ChocolateMice’s posts are being monitored closely.

Things are going to get dangerous when the BastardKiller arrives

We are under attack. In light of this and recent events, I am invoking the TFKTL Committee - @Bandage @Rocko and @Smark please go to secure environments and establish command and control structures. Threat level substantial.
Myself and @Chucks_Nwoko will monitor the situation during northern hemisphere out of business hours, however, emergency powers may need to be implemented.
Be alert, not alarmed.


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Fresh from the TFK Celeb Spotting Adjudicator emergency summit, which rocked the forum to it’s core, this latest cyber attack is aimed at destabilising the forum foundations even further. I believe it’s a co-ordinated attack, originating in West Clare. This has all the hallmarks of @Joe_Player finally cracking.

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This is truly unsettling. The co-ordination from this cyber terror group is like something from the military.




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