TFK - The Future

It was on tap in a heap of places in Sydney when I did my year drinking over there. The aussies must have thought it was massive over here. I’ve honestly never even tasted it

TFK’s epitaph will be “we knew he was crazy but none of us thought he’d go that far…”

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I’ve told you this already you crazy Cunt

I haven’t ruled out anyone

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Mate, the future is gonna be off the chain… In case you don’t know, Facebook changed the company name to Meta (metaverse) recently and pretty soon we’re all gonna be interacting virtually. From concerts, hookups, sports, buying clothes/tackies etc etc… It’s already happening… Lashing into a few cans then slipping on the virtual headset to log into the virtual TFK lounge in the metaverse will be off the chain. It will be a mad house. One half of users without Virtual masks, a clatter of lads with non binary avatars and another gang doing Turkish get ups in the corner. Unreal.


The Limerick group will need a private room at the side.


Somewhere dogs are allowed.

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AKA “ the asylum”

No. That will the room for nogra, we will have a one-way mirrored wall to look in on that


Padded walls for them

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Big massive rooms

First 10 threads are sport related, it’s been happening a lot lately. A sad fall from grace/disgrace for tfk.