TFK - The Future

A quick outline of some changes afoot…

  1. A new style

    The current styling is stale and buggy. We need a fresh and clean look. This will likely happen sometime this weekend. It’s nothing dramatic - a return to the green and white of Éire/Celtic/Limerick/Shamrock Rovers/New York Jets/TFK AFC etc and some minor design tweaks.

  2. A payment plan

    I need to talk to @Bandage on this so this topic will serve as a useful reminder of that. But TFK does need a little financial contribution now and again. I’m grateful for those who have put their hands in their pockets in the past, some quite recently. So this isn’t a drive for funding - just an attempt to regularise a very modest amount of income to cover the costs of hosting this important pillar of Irish society.

  3. An option to Ignore users

    This is not immediate but it is likely to happen in the next few months. I can’t promise it will definitely be available or even how it will work. But it’s on the horizon in some shape. However, it’s not going to be the answer for some of the annoyances on TFK. I’d rather we had the time/enthusiasm/patience to make it a better place to spend some quality time away from your loved ones, rather than just ignoring the same repetitive crap.

  4. Open to ideas

    Any suggestions either specific or general about how any of the above would work let me know. I did say to someone ages ago that I’d provide an option to increase/decrease font sizes so I’ll do that too. But if anyone wants their say on features/moderation styles etc let me know here.


Can we open the Traveller thread again?


Wonderful, a list of those utilizing the ignore function will show up the snowflakes in a massive way.

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That made me laugh.

These call out videos deserve to be posted in their rightful home (thread)

The ignore function will be a great addition. Some threads are just unreadable at times.

I’ll be ignoring all non Limerick hurling fans, Non Patriots fans, Non Collingwood fans and non Liverpool fans.


Aren’t you a non Liverpool fan?

Depends on what day it is/what their most recent result was.

I’m not a non Liverpool fan would be a fairer description I suppose


Would appreciate a layout where the TFK banner is not static and would disappear as you scroll down the screen. Stands out like a sour thumb if trying to peruse TFK during working hours on a laptop


And when you call them out for it nobody will even know



If you could implement a Team Foundation Server style scheme I may never need to pretend to work ever again.

I can’t wait for the ‘did someone reply’ or ‘oh I have them on ignore’.

Another victory each time that happens

Soon you’ll have nothing but victories

@Rocko can we have the “Well clamped” rating back?


That is the post of a worried man…

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Who said that?

Good news


Separate the wheat from the chaff