[b][center]TFK World Cup of Cunts Group C

Poll closes exactly three days from this post

Top 5 qualify for Second Phase

Danny Dyer
Michael Ballack
Simon Cowell
Nicolas Sarkozy
Julia Roberts
Mirhossein Mousavi
Sir Bob Geldof
Warren Gatland
Uri Geller
Tony Cascarino
Pope Benedict XVI
Sarah Newman
Neil Back
Cristiano Ronaldo
Kerry Katona
Jimmy White [/center][/b]

Everyone could use two votes for this sid.

Bob Geldof for me. Complete cunt.

I’ve gone for Cascarino. Maybe it’s the patriot in me but while cunts like Geldof are pure cunts, I’d prefer to see an English cunt win it.

Benedict represents the Catholic Church remember, dont leave those cunts out of this.

i’ve gone for obergruppenfuhrer josef ratzinger, for his disdain for abuse victims, for his disdain for the irish people and for all church related cuntishness

Cristiano Ronanldo, Simon Cowell, Kerry, Katona, Sarah Newman and Pope Benedict XVI qualify…