TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - Final - Aristotle v Caulifloweredneanderthal

@Aristotle v @caulifloweredneanderthal

@Aristotle has beaten Bandage, Thomas Brady, Fran and Eoghanruadha thus far.

Gary Maguire (4)

Damien Reale (2)-Paul Curran (2)-Sean Finn (6)

John Gardiner (6)-Declan Hannon (captain) (6)-Tony Browne (6)

Tom Kenny (6) -Brendan Maher (8)

Seamus Harnedy (6)-Seamus Prendergast (2)-Timmy McCarthy (2)

Andrew O’Shaughnessy (6) (free-taker)-Richie Power (6)-Eddie Brennan (8)


@Caulifloweredneanderthal has gotten this far with wins over Gaillimhmick, big Mick McCarthy and watchyourtoes

1 McGarry (4)

2 Kavanagh (4) 3. P Curran (2) 4. R Maher (4)

5 E Corcoran (4) 6. McMahon (10) 7. Browne (6)

8 Lyng (6) 9. J’ O Connor (6)

10 McCormack (4) 11. Carroll (4) 12. N McCarthy (4)

13 DJ (10) 14. Power (6) 15. Prendergast

May the best team win

  • Aristotle
  • Caulifloweredneanderthal

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Tulla Pipe band have done the parade and the anthems. The ball has been thrown in.

Dickie Murphy is the man in the midle


Two woeful Half forward lines. How did these two make it to the final.

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@Copper_pipe has been spotted in the terrace with a bag of cans and he’s after letting off a flare.


Half forwards are generally the worst options tbf

Best of luck @aristotle

This is going to be a serious battle. We’ve 47 all Ireland senior hurling medals I’ve calculated out there on my team. We’ve a mix of class and steel out there. We cannot underestimate the Limerick support but we’re ready

Two good guys in the final,

It was always going to be a popularity contest, well done fellas,


I’ve gone for cauliflower here as there is a significant overlap on both our teams and he also eliminated me. So if he wins I will take it as a quasi second best team in the competition for my charges

Will we have a thread ranking the teams afterwards?

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There will be some roar when @Aristotle team takes the field.

Hopefully it won’t frighten the limerick lads.

47 All-Ireland medals, thats unbeatable surely?

He doesn’t have lad like Damien Reale and Andrew O’Shaugnessey though

A good spread of individual awards (37 all stars) too!

Proven winners for the big day :wink:

Best of luck @caulifloweredneanderthal

Bound to be a classic; any team that reaches a final is bound to have quality all over the field and this is certainly the case on both sides here. But as you get to the business end of the season, flaws are more readily exposed.

I think everyone would agree that the half-forward lines on both sides are not particularly heavy scorers, with the real dangermen inside while both sides have formidable-looking half-backs and midfielders.

However, for the final, I will largely operate with a three-man inside line. Ronan Maher just isn’t a man-marking corner-back and there is no way he holds any of that full-forward line and the lateral runs will cause havoc. Could see Eddie or Shaughs banging in a couple of goals. Pender will sit on McMahon and just be a nuisance, break ball all day.

Similarly, at the other end, Pender isn’t a corner-forward and will be eaten alive inside. Finn will once against by Carey. If Pender moves outside, Hannon will sit in the pocket, cutting off the supply to DJ & Power and I just don’t see that half-forward line punishing us with the extra space. Jerry is probably the main candidate to do damage but I expect Kenny will tie him down nicely, always the better of the duo.

Then there’s James McGarry; never the biggest fan tbh.

Bound to be a cracking contest between two extremely strong sides but I just feel that balance all over the pitch, with the firepower and potential for goals up top will swing it for me.

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I don’t think there’s anything to suggest Ronan Maher wouldn’t be able for O’Shaughnessy

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I have been doing up some analysis of the 29 teams which were entered

The most popular picks were as follows

Mick Kavanagh and Damien Reale- picked by 14 teams
Ronan Maher and Tony Browne - picked on 12 teams

Tom Kenny and Derek Lyng both picked on 8 teams

Richie Power was picked on 16 teams
Timmy McCarthy was on 14
Seamus Prendergast on 13

I will be naming the all star side in a few minutes

Joe Player Perpetual Trophy 2020 All Star selection

Brackets denote how many teams each player was on

James McGarry (9)
Mick Kavanagh(14) Frank Lohan(8) Damien Reale (14)
Ronan Maher(12) Sean McMahon(6) Tony Browne(12)
Derek Lyng(8) Tomy Kenny(8)
Seamus Prendergast(13) Niall McCarthy(8) Timmy McCarthy(14)
DJ Carey(7) Richie Power(16) Conor Whelan(8)

HOTY - Richie Power

Team comes in at 74 points. 30 points on the nose for the forwards

Honourable mentions - Paul Curran (7), John Gardiner (6) Sean Finn, Daithi Burke, Noel Connors, Liam Ryan, Chris Crummy (5)
Cian Lynch (6) Colm Galvin, Adrian Fenlon (5) Johnny Coen (4)
Danny Sutcliffe (7), Seamis Harnedy (6) Ger Farragher, Conor Lehane , Eddie Brennan, Bonner Maher(5)


Was there anyone not used, Shefflin springs to mind?