TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - Preliminary Heat 10 - Big_Mick_McCarthy v PhattPhatt

Spuds to Ducks @Big_Mick_McCarthy v @PhattPike

Spuds to Ducks

Stephen O’Keefe(6)

Mick Kavanagh(4)- Liam Ryan(4)-Frank Lohan(2)

Diarmuid Byrnes(4)-Sean McMahon(10)-Ronan Maher(4)

Derek Lyng (6)-Colm Galvin(6) - 12 (46)

Richie Power(6)-Liam Rushe(4)–Alan Kerins(4)

Tony Griffin(4)-Seamus Prendergast(2)-DJ Carey(10)

PhattPike’s Phantabulous XV (Phiphteen)

J. McGarry (4)

D. Reale (2) S. Finn (6) N. Connors (4)

D. Fanning (4) L. Rushe (4) P. Maher (10)

Cian Lynch (8) M. Houlihan (4)

C. Lehane (4) O. Moran ( c ) (6) T. McCarthy (2)

R. Power (6) S. Prendergast (2) D. J. Carey (10)


Good cross over with Liam Rushe marking Liam Rush, Richie Power and DJ on both teams

  • Big Mick McCarthy
  • PhattPike

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I’m not going to go into too much tic-tacs here, I’m just hoping our lads can go out today and express themselves and injoy their hurlin’. If we do that, we have the shtrength in the full back and full forward lines to do the business.

Liam Rushe, watch out for that centre-forward, he’ll have you chasing your own tail.
DJ, would you mind taking the frees?

I can’t vote for a team with McGarry in goals.


Cant split it

@Big_Brian_Lohan why have you richie power at half forward?

Tbf he played more at centre forward in his earlier years I think?

I’d have swapped him with pender, think that weakens full forward line the way he had it.

Ducks in a reasonable row here, rushe and Prendergast? Overkill slightly and with galvin and griffin plus the klare backs the home bias we’ve seen all day rears its head again. Pikey will have to sacrifice finn on dj and if power wanders in there’ll be a mismatch.

The XV also in a rushe but back him at 6, he’ll catch it but then the problems start, mike houlihan gets an improbable second start, lads obviously fearing SLR will mark their card if they don’t show a treaty bias, ollie morans inclusion cementing this opinion.

Galvin is underrated, rushe overrated and lehane and mccarthy are just too unreliable for me. Liam Ryan is there to be scalded but power will have too much of a scoring burden to carry to be left just to him.

GK - All Square
FB - STD - mainly because the Phattman is playing a corner back at FB, rarely works out well in the big games

STD by a whisker, both playing R Power in the wrong position, will hurt STD against tougher opponents

Fuck up you cunt.

Go fuck yourself

Rate lines against opposition positions you thick cunt, not against each other…its supposed to be a hypothetical game.

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I rate it whatever way I want, rating lines against their opposition is complete guess work. Put Sean Finn on DJ there and he’ll do a job on him, he will in his bollox, that’s complete pie in the sky

My team is set up to hurl it any way you want

O’Keefe is a solid modern keeper, far better than any of the fours mentioned and as good as those in the 8 band.

Mick Kavanagh is in there to tidy around the D and clean things up and will take the smaller/more technical corner forward while Frank was a great man to cover in behind his full back and get last ditch blocks and hooks, he will take whoever the pacier or physically stronger corner forward. these two covering will allow Liam Ryan to go about and do what he does best, attack the ball bald headed and put himself about physically.

As Fagan already said, Seanie was exceptional at centre back in 11 seasons there he was never bested, the odd few broke even but he is something else and will dominate the middle and point the long range frees. Maher and Byrnes add aerial ability and a directness to hit my two full forward line early and often. Maher might lack pace on the turn and Byrnes can be a bit gung ho on the ball but I think that half backline can hold and will dominate against most half forward lines.

Galvin will sit and tidy up and breaking ball and will link with the wing backs if we want to play through the lines while Lyng brings a great cut a thrust in midfield, strong runner who was well able for the dirty work needed in there as well. Would be able to spoil any of the big names which come his way and also run at the half backline.

Power is at wing forward but can easily go to centre, full or corner forward depending on how the game is going. Rushe is there for aerial ability and the ability to horse lads out of it on the ground and burst through tackles. He will switch in to full forward occasionally as well.

DJ is DJ, pace, menace and a buzz in the air when he gets the ball. Prendergast is in there to just put himself about and break a few balls for the other forwards and take the odd score. Will switch out occasionally with Power and Rushe switching inside

Kerins and Griffin were both hard working players who were consistent performers. Kerins will help Lyng and Galvin by moving outthe field and opening space in front of DJ. While Griffin can and did play anywhere, started as a hard working half forward before becoming a very direct inside forward - gave some huge displays for in average enough forward lines - 6 points from centre forward on his debut v Tipp in 2002, followed it up with another 6 the following match against Dublin, 4-1 against Laois in the park, 1-3 against Waterford in 2005, 3 points against Cork in 2005, two excellent performances against Wexford in Croke Park in 2005 and 2006, 1-5 against Limerick in 2006, 4 points when he ran Noel Hickey ragged in 2006 as well. Was never the same after the cycle but him and Kerins can be relied upon to perform every game and come up with scores if DJ or Richie have an off day. Three all stars between them too.

Finn would destroy Carey ffs… Carey played in an era where most backs were just big oaf hatchet men. He’d be taken out by most decent defenders today.

Maybe he would, but it’s pure speculation, sure why don’t we just pick all lads from the current generation so

Have you seen DJ Carey play yeah?

I tried to.

DJ had what very few players I had ever seen had, whenever the ball came close to him there would be a buzz/a palpable feeling that something special could well be about to happen.

I have seen a couple of other players who had this but nobody anywhere even close to the buzz DJ would create when he got into stride

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I picked DJ as well guys, fyi.