TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - Preliminary Heat 7 - Carryharry v the_man_himself

Jointsbluntsspliffs @Carryharry v @The_Man_Himself


Stephen O’Keeffe 6pt

Damien Reale 2pt-Ronan Maher 4pt-Mickey Cahill 6pt

Eamon Corcoran 4pt-Brendan Maher 8pt-Tony Browne 6pt

Johnny Coen 4pt-Tom Kenny 6pt

Larry Murphy 4pt-Lee Chin 6pt-Tony Kelly 8pt

Conor Lehane 4pt-Bonnar Maher 6pt-Donie Ryan 2pt


James McGarry (4)

Cathal Barrett (6) Paul Curran (2) Michael Kavanagh (4)

Tommy Walsh (12) Ronan Maher (4) Chris Crummey (2)

Shane McGrath (4) Cian Lynch (8)

Dan McCormack (4) Seamus Harnedy (6) Danny Sutcliffe (4)

Conor Whelan (6) Richie Power (6) Dotsy O’Callaghan (4)


Ronan Maher the only pick on both

  • Carryharry
  • the_man_himself

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Here’s the way I’d see it going.

None of his full forward line would trouble any of my full back line. Tony Kelly isn’t a wing forward and Tommy Walsh would destroy him. Chin on Ronan Maher would be a good battle but I think Ronan would break even at least there. I don’t see where his scores are coming from.

I think my midfield is superior with Lynch winning breaks and driving forward and giving good ball to the forwards while Shane McGrath can get around the pitch and take a score.

He has a good set of backs but I just think that I have quite simply too much scoring threat and a good ball winning half forward line, while as I said I can’t see where his scores are coming from against my backs


It would be a low scoring game. I am finding this a tough one to pick a winner.

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GK - All square

TMH it is

You bland cunt.

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Right lads, I don’t or won’t be drawn out here too much. I know there’s fellas who like me to say something I shouldn’t but I won’t.
I’ve fierce belief in those lads, they’re as committed a bunch as I’ve ever worked with.

A superb shot stopper in goals & his 6pt tag was a steal so it was.
My FB line is top class, lads who can do it both ways.
The HB line speaks for itself.
The MF pairing complements each other, Johnny will sit & keep it tight.
Tom Kenny is a dynamo who’ll test anyone pace wise with an eye for a score.
The HF line is littered with leaders, 2 AI winners and an athlete in Chin. He also hits frees well along with Tony.
The FF line has some brawn, pace & experience too. Bonnar can & will be highly effective.

I suppose we’ll be looked at as underdogs but I’ve serious pride in those lads. They’re genuine and flexible in there roles.
The whole Forward line are interchangeable and know how to work effectively in other positions.

I wish my opponent all the best, tis tough facing one of your own.
Hopefully the officials are fair and lads perform.


I think Harry’s side is a bit unbalanced. Good back 6 and 8 & 9 all right but the front 6 have a couple out of position. Kelly as has already been pointed out will get ate without salt by Tommy Walsh and he’ll disappear. Bonner at FF will nullify Curran but isn’t as creative as you’d maybe want. So I don’t see where the scores are coming from. TMH has a better balancedside for me with a front 6 which has serious scoring capacity.

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@the_man_himself won’t be conceding goals , thats a teak tough and mobile unit for a full back line.
3 time All-Star Paul Curran must be the bargain of the tournament.

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I think that is grossly unfair, young Tony has the pace & skill to torment Tommy.
Larry has always been a valuable asset in any Wexford team, pace and a great scoring record.
Lee Chin is a man for a score, a free & a wonderful fielder of the ball so gives SOK a great option down the middle.
Lehane on form is one of the best in the country, Bonnar will torment Paul Curran, harass the life out of him.
Donie will relish facing Barrett or Kavanagh.

I think there are serious bias here against my front six, I won’t be drawn further on it but I know what lads are trying to do there.

I urge you all to take into account the versatility in that front 6, all willing to roam into different positions at their ease.

Vote JointsBluntsSpliffs early & often please. We’ll work to entertain and play it the right way.

I have no bias here Harry. Just giving an honest opinion. I may be talking through my arse but it’s an honestly held view.

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I’d sooner have Bonner out on the half line and try and let TK find some room to hurl in. Underwhelming inside line, but you won’t give much away.

That said @the_man_himself has a watery looking half forward line and he could just be handing the initiative to Harry’s lads.

Strong half-back lines on both sides here that would fancy their chances against both half-forward lines, although the sheer athleticism of Chin could pose problems for Ronan Maher if he ever gets isolated.

However, I’ve got to say that I prefer the balance of @the_man_himself’s front 6 in general. @carryharry has a good set of backs on a decent midfield but I would say a few of his forwards are very much “on their day” merchants. If today is their day, yeah, they could rip that backline to shreds but I’m giving the slight edge to @the_man_himself.

I agree with you, but that is the nuanced beauty of the selection.

They can all interchange and all play anywhere across those 6 positions.
Some lads are unfairly overlooking this important reason.

I like @carryharry’s backs. @the_man_himself’s midfield wins hands down. Then we get to @carryharry’s forwards, a pure dogs dinner. Two half forwards in the inside line, Kelly the weakest 8 pointer available will do no nothing out on the wing unless it’s handed on a plate to him, it’ll be chin struggling away on his own trying to take the game to the opposition with bonnar wasted in the inside line.

My God, this is embarrassing punditry & dripping with fear of faces my charges.

James McGarry lads, James statue McGarry.

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With my full back line McGarry will have as much to do as he did for his 6 All Irelands

Ah stop now. You bought cheap, Albert Shanahan or a Jody Grace could stand in goal & do what McGarry could.

A Pat Shortt lookalike impression?


Stand there doing just enough to get by, no quality so to speak.