TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - semi final - watchyourtoes v caulifloweredneanderthal

@Watchyourtoes v @caulifloweredneanderthal

spare no timber @Watchyourtoes has gotten this far win wins over blake, halfpipe and themanhimself

Joe “One ball” Quaid 6

Sean Finn 6-Daithi Burke 8-Frank Lohan 2

Tony Browne 6-Gearoid McInerney 2-Jackie Tyrell 6

Derek Lyng 6-“Iron” Mike Houlihan 4

Patrick “Bonner” Maher 6- John “Tank” Carroll 4-Niall McCarthy 4

Donie Ryan 2-DJ " The Dodger" Carey 10-Ger Farragher


@Caulifloweredneanderthal has gotten this far with wins over Gaillimhmick and big Mick McCarthy

1 McGarry (4)

2 Kavanagh (4) 3. P Curran (2) 4. R Maher (4)

5 E Corcoran (4) 6. McMahon (10) 7. Browne (6)

8 Lyng (6) 9. J’ O Connor (6)

10 McCormack (4) 11. Carroll (4) 12. N McCarthy (4)

13 DJ (10) 14. Power (6) 15. Prendergast

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My lads have put in a phenomenal effort to get here but we’re up against a Limerick juggernaut. Songs have been written, 32 page Limerick Leader supplements have been printed , and the Red Cow has been booked out

We line as selected. Usual provisos - Seamie comes out occasionally to give big John a break.

Best of luck @Watchyourtoes. We are ready for battle


Cauliflower has a team full of big day men who you can rely on in Croke Park plus two Waterford lads, one of which is also in the other team. That had to give him the edge over the likes of Donie Ryan, Mike Houlihan, Quaid and Farragher

Ten multiple all Ireland winners on Cauli’s team. Hard to beat that type of pedigree


You’d fear the Limerick block vote here.

Lim rick

Lim rick

Lim rick

Listen, we are here on merit, the underdogs once more. The political organisers have attempted to knock my team at every turn but in doing so they have created an element of support & affection for my charges.

We have quietly gone about our business since the QF and have prepared to the best of our abilities to meet another strong foe on the field of battle. We will leave it all out there once more.

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You can’t not like this Spare no timber team, from the players to the management staff, a team full of characters.

On paper the cauliflowers should win this but virtual hurling is a funny old game


It’s a pure game of momentum. You simply can’t plan or legislate for the intangibles like @anon78624367 backing your team or not.

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Some great atmosphere at this one .

Hmm. Big Mick raising doubts over the number of non all Ireland winners selected on the Limerick manager’s team. Of course big Mick had a similar number of non all Ireland winners selected on his own team. Hmm. Mick raising doubts over the 2 pointer donie Ryan when Mick selected 2 pointer Seamus Prendergast. Hmm. At least Donie Ryan scored 2 goals in an all Ireland semi final. Seems the kind of wild card you’d want on your team in the semi final stage of this competition.

#aginda #opinun

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And that’s why my team failed to make it to the semi final stages. You live and you learn. Cauli had too many proven lads as the voting bore out

Just over an hour left - get your votes in

GET IT OUT TO FUCK!! :see_no_evil:

Unlimited heartbreak! Congrats @caulifloweredneanderthal we had a great run I wouldn’t change any man on that team.

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Congrats @caulifloweredneanderthal on making it to the final

Well Holy God! That was some battle pal. Ye pushed us all the way.

It was level heading into injury time Lohan & Burke collided for possession and DJ put it to bed!

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That was a very close one. Hard luck @Watchyourtoes, would have loved to see that team in the final. You’d have to say the best team won though, @caulifloweredneanderthal‘s Kilkenny upbringing
is really standing to him here.