TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - Super 8s - Fran v Aristotle

@Fran v @Aristotle

@Fran has gotten this far with a victory over Crutches

G Maguire (4)

M Kavanagh (4) - D Burke (8) - N Connors (4)
P Mannion (6) - B Hogan (6) - C Crummy (2)

D Lyng (6) - T Brown (6)

C Lehane (4) - N McCarthy (4) - S Prendergast (2)
E Brennan (8) - R Power (6) - C Whelan (6)


@Aristotle has beaten Bandage and Thomas Brady thus far.

Gary Maguire (4)

Damien Reale (2)-Paul Curran (2)-Sean Finn (6)

John Gardiner (6)-Declan Hannon (captain) (6)-Tony Browne (6)

Tom Kenny (6) -Brendan Maher (8)

Seamus Harnedy (6)-Seamus Prendergast (2)-Timmy McCarthy (2)

Andrew O’Shaughnessy (6) (free-taker)-Richie Power (6)-Eddie Brennan (8)

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  • Aristotle

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Tough one to call. I like Chris Crummy but he is a hot head likely to do anything which is a negative for Fran’s defence. . A great tussle at midfield, I’d take Whelan over Shaughs but i’d take Reale as a two over Connors as a four. Big question is whether the gap between Seamus Harnedy to Conor Lehane is bigger of that between Niall and Timmy McCarthy and which duo is likely to be more effective. Crummy’s indiscipline may well be the difference

Two very good sides here. Sure isn’t that what you’d expect at this stage.

This has the makings of a real humdinger. We’ll go straight down the middle and target Hannon on the puck outs with a mixture of Prendergast and Niall McC at different stages. Lehane will interchange with Eddie Brennan at different stages to take advantage of Browne’s weak man marking skills.

A real battle of athleticism in midfield which we’d be fairly confident that we’ll at least break even on. Just up to the backs then to try and limit their scoring opportunities. Can’t wait for this now, best of luck @Aristotle

This should be an absolute cracker, Fran has a very similar full-forward line to me and I would say the joint strongest in the competition. I rate Shaughs a tiny bit higher than Whelan (which is why I picked him. But serious firepower on both sides.

I really like Niall Mac & Pender, but I feel that Harnedy is a big upgrade on Lehane and could cause Crummey serious bother down that wing. Plan for all the half-forwards is to operate deep but to carry the ball when they get the chance, supported by the highly-athletic Maher & Kenny. Hogan is the one we really want to get turned, although there’s no doubt that’s a formidable half-back line in the air and the half-forwards will be tasked with getting to ground and winning that battle.

If Hannon & Gardiner get the chance, they’ll be hitting that full-forward line as quick as possible. Seanie Finn to pick up Brennan.

A match worth of the final, best of luck @Fran

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Two hours left and only 35 votes cast here

Very quiet over here lads @Fran & @Aristotle, how did ye manage that with 2 very good sides lining out.
I’m leaning toward Fran at the moment as its so even I see it coming down to the full forward lines and I like Conor Whelan that bit more than Shaughs to come through in a battle.

Please get out and vote.

Vote made, beak shut

The competition favour continues his run

@Aristotle has serious momentum

Congrats @Aristotle as suspected a bridge too far for us. The very best of luck to you


That’s some full forward line @Fran has

Congrats mate

It took a lot of discipline to keep my big mouth shut on the line here today

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