TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - Sweet 16 - Bandage v Aristotle

@Bandage v @Aristotle

Pace is the Trick - @Bandage

  1. Quaid,
  2. Fanning, 3. Ryan, 4. Reale;
  3. Gardiner, 6. R Maher, 7. Browne;
    8 Lynch
    9 Lyng, 10. McCormack;
    11 Harnedy, 12. Sutcliffe, 15. C Ryan;
    13 Whelan, 14. Power.


Gary Maguire (4)

Damien Reale (2)-Paul Curran (2)-Sean Finn (6)

John Gardiner (6)-Declan Hannon (captain) (6)-Tony Browne (6)

Tom Kenny (6) -Brendan Maher (8)

Seamus Harnedy (6)-Seamus Prendergast (2)-Timmy McCarthy (2)

Andrew O’Shaughnessy (6) (free-taker)-Richie Power (6)-Eddie Brennan (8)

  • Bandage
  • Aristotle

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Again, my tactic will be very similar to the last game. Power will drift out from full-forward for large periods to support the half-forward line and Harnedy will also spend some time inside on the edge of the square. But largely the idea is to pull the hard-working line deep to support our midfield and half-back line when necessary and leave the space inside for Brennan & Shaughs, with Power/Harnedy also feeding off them.

All 4 of those players are well able to take a goal, particularly Eddie, and I think there are goals for the taking against that team.

One area I do think I have an edge is ballwinning/winning primary possession in attack in general. Prendergast, Harnedy, Timmy Mac and Power will all do that on the 40 and be well-supported on the breaking ball by Maher & Kenny. I just don’t see Bandage’s half-forward line doing the same, in fact I could see them being dominated and Quaid was never one for laser-accurate puckouts. Now, admittedly, his midfield are very strong on the ground and Maher & Kenny will have to be at their hard-working best.

Whelan & Power is a very dangerous inside line but I do think Finn is the best option of all 6 full-back line players on show, and has kept a leash on Whelan in the past.

Again, there are plenty of similarities between the two sides but I think that extra bit of goal threat and an edge at puckout time will give me the win.

So I’m going with Reale on Brennan, Ryan on Power & Fanning on O’Shaugnessy inside.

Gardiner on Timmy Mc, Maher to sit in front of the full back line, cut out supply lines & hold the centre (we’re comfortable that Prendergast won’t do much damage & we’ll have a midfielder playing deep anyway to fill that space), Browne on Harnedy.

Our backs are multi-purpose with a range of qualities & adjustments could be made as required. Fanning can move out, Maher can move in, Gardiner can move inside (as he did in that 2005 semi final to save the day for Cork).

I’m leaving Colin Ryan wearing 15 but I want the esteemed readers to picture the coordinated movements of my team when the match is in progress, as he’ll be moving out the field.

Lynch the linkman & orchestrator, knitting defence with attack & being around most breaks to set attacks in motion. Lyng the all action, hard running, enforcer. McCormack will supplement the midfield, do plenty of dirty work & win hard ball.

So that’s when the forwards essentially move out & across to become:

Harnedy, Sutcliffe, Ryan

Whelan, Power.

Two killers in the inside line.

Good mobility, aerial strength, point taking / free taking ability & vision in the half forward line. There’s a bit of overlap in the middle eight selections, but I think he’s carrying a couple of players in Prendergast and McCarthy. Colin Ryan for me will nail the frees and make himself available when the likes of Lynch, Lyng and McCormack emerge with the ball. I think these 8 will give me the edge and set it up for my inside two to deliver the coup de gras.

Harnedy can do stints inside with Power & Whelan going for a wander further afield from where both are both capable of causing damage too. It’s a very hard running and direct midfield and forward unit with no lack of class.

Fanning, Ryan, Reale;
Gardiner, R Maher, Browne;
Lyng, McCormack;
Harnedy, Sutcliffe, C Ryan;
Whelan, Power.

Best of luck to @Aristotle too of course and thank you to Commissioner McCarthy.


I stand by my criticism of @Bandage’s team from the previous round.

@Aristotle by 4

Hard to see you beaten with that tactical display from the sideline.

@Bandage is over thinking this, his players might win in spite of him though


His full-back line is definitely there for the taking

This is a very tough one to call

They will be flat as pancakes from the flogging he gave them in the warm weather camp and they won’t be able to think on their feet due to his tactical straight jacket


Hannon swings the half back line in @Aristotle favour but his half forward line looks a bit too workmanlike.

I think his full forward line edges it.

I think @Bandage using Lynch in a restricted sweeping role limits his ability to win ball around the field. Lynch is much more effective following the play

To many lads wandering aimlessly around the field. The forwards will be walking around in circles for the first 10-15 minutes.

He could get torched by @Aristotle’s full forward line in that period

Two very even teams here, with extremely similar half back lines. Midfield is poised to be a great battle with four different players, but a great balance of grunt and artistry on both sides, with ne’er a bit of filler to be seen. Bandage has the edge in the half forward line, but Aristotle has the the edge in front of goal. That could be enough to sway it, but there won’t be the puck of the ball between them. It will be fascinating to watch this unfold over the next 24 hours.

A tonking for @Bandage. The limerick X factor is not to be underestimated.

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Comprehensive win here for Limerick over Wexford.

Well done @Aristotle

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2014 All Ireland quarter final all over again. :sob:

Well done @Aristotle, that’s a fine side you’ve put together.


That team will take some stopping now @Aristotle

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Cheers pal, scoreline flattered me a bit in the end.

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