TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - Sweet 16 - Fran v Crutches

@Fran v @Crutches


G Maguire (4)

M Kavanagh (4) - D Burke (8) - N Connors (4)
P Mannion (6) - B Hogan (6) - C Crummy (2)

D Lyng (6) - T Brown (6)

C Lehane (4) - N McCarthy (4) - S Prendergast (2)
E Brennan (8) - R Power (6) - C Whelan (6)

Colm Callinan (6)

Damien Reale (2)-Daithi Burke (8)-Mick Kavanagh (4)

John Gardiner (6)-Declan Hannon (6)-Gearoid Mcinerney (2)

Bill Cooper (4)-Cian Lynch (8)

Conor Whelan (6)-Timmy McCarthy (2)-Danny Sutcliffe (4)

Conor Fitzgerald (2)-Richie Power (6)-Pat Horgan (10)


  • Fran
  • Crutches

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It fucking pains me to say it but @Fran at first glance. @Crutches needs to swing this one with logic

Sure see what @Fran himself said

I have to admit that this one is very close and I’d find it very hard to call myself.

Just think our forwards will have a bit more firepower

Remember when I said I couldn’t give a vote to any team with McGarry in it, well I repeat that stance with Conor Fitzgerald. ( ffs sakes like :grin: )

Me seeing that match today hasn’t done anyone that picked Timmy McCarthy any favours. Jesus he was hopeless

Seamus Prendergast on the other hand went up in my estimation

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Fran’s side is a real solid pragmatic side. Well balanced and a good mix of attitude, pace and hurling.

Connors had a solid enough record against Horgan from what I recall as well.

Slightly better mix of Brawn & technique in the forward line for @Fran and a better balance to midfield to aid in any perceived deficiency in the half back line.
@Crutches has set up a shoot the lights out formation but in the heat of battle just falls short.

Seeing Conor Fitzgerald’s name appearing in this jars a little.

Strong full back lines but I don’t feel we are watching a championship contender here. Lack of an established free-taker could hurt Fran if he progresses (I think he will).

I don’t ever remember anything about this Conor Fitz lad. Did he play for long? And Limerick I’m assuming?

A dual player.

You could have had any amount of forwards in limerick before him

Power takes the frees, he often did when Shefflin wasn’t playing, not as consistent mind you

@Fran has some full-forward line tbf. Although in Daithi Burke, @Crutches probably has one of those marquee full-back players that could hold one of them. Crutches also has a decent half-back line… Lehane could either torch McInerney for pace or just be completely destroyed.

Fran’s half-back line very very strong under a high ball, I wouldn’t be gone on them as distributors though. Same thing applies to his full-back line as Crutches, Conor Fitz just seems very out of place at corner-forward and I’m not sure about Whelan out the field.

Good midfield battle again. There are a lot of similarities between these two teams, but I just slightly prefer the balance of Fran’s team and I’ll give him the edge by a couple of points; primarily because of that firepower inside.

This is really really close and I have yet to vote, any last minute arguments from either manager?

It’s a close one alright, go with your gut

I’ve a feeling Conor Fitzgerald will be the undoing of crutches.

Well done @Fran commiserations @Crutches, I abstained from this one genuinely couldnt seperate the sides.

Best of luck @Fran

Thanks guys, it was a close one as expected. Hard luck @Crutches