TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - Sweet 16 - the_man_himself v Liquorice_pipes

Two strong half-back lines, two decent midfields, inside lines with two very dangerous players, same goalkeeper.

I do think Brennan is the most threatening forward on display but equally, Cathal Barrett is probably the best full-back line player on display. I slightly prefer the balance of @the_man_himself’s half-forward line and I think that could just give him the edge in this one. While you could probably argue that Pipes’ half-back line is that bit stronger, I just think McCormack/Harnedy/Sutcliffe will cause them more difficulty than Gleeson/Timmy/Sutcliffe will down the other end.

It’s fairly even all over the pitch but I just think that edges it for the @the_man_himself by a couple of points.

@Liqourice_Pipes shades it (just) with overall strength in the forwards and half-back line. Aussie Gleeson is an interesting pick here, the battle between him in The Mood and Tommy Welsh is a humdinger. Is Ozzie in The Mood though?

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The new management is working wonders for Gleeson. He’s in line for HOTY after his MOTM performance in Rd 1. We have a full time carpenter in the backroom team now replacing doors and furniture in the dressing rooms. No more Derek McGrath type mollycoddling. Ozzie is off the tit now and it has been the making of him. You can’t beat a bit of tough love.
To be honest, I think it will also land me the manager of the year gong.


Aussie vs Tommy Walsh :laughing:

@the_man_himself shades this for me…

unreal strong down the right, good and solid down the middle, down the left seems to be a bit weaker alright.

@Liqourice_Pipes seems more balanced across but the spine of timmy mac at 11 and Nially Healy at 14 just doesn’t get it done against the other 3 and 6.

I really like @the_man_himself midfield. They’d complement each other lovely.

a very clever selection getting Harnedy and Power and complemented it with good 4’s and not a Prendergast or Timmy McCarthy in sight…

That’s a fine team, that may be let down in the later stages by not having a marquee, headline grabbing forward

Very low scoring tie as we enter into the home straight

Who will win 10 min left to vote

Well done @the_man_himself. Thanks to everybody who voted for me. Goodbye TFK.


Thanks mate. I think the mix up yesterday took votes off both of us really. Stick around ta fuck