TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - Sweet 16 - the_man_himself v Liquorice_pipes

@the_man_himself v @Liquorice_Pipes


James McGarry (4)

Cathal Barrett (6) Paul Curran (2) Michael Kavanagh (4)

Tommy Walsh (12) Ronan Maher (4) Chris Crummey (2)

Shane McGrath (4) Cian Lynch (8)

Dan McCormack (4) Seamus Harnedy (6) Danny Sutcliffe (4)

Conor Whelan (6) Richie Power (6) Dotsy O’Callaghan (4)

Mayo for Liam @Liqourice_Pipes

James McGarry - 4

Frank Lohan - 2. Liam Ryan - 4. M Kavanagh - 4

R Maher - 4. Brick - 6. Paudi Maher - 10

J Barron - 8. Johnny (Golf Cart) Coen 4

D Sutcliffe 4. Timmy Mc 2. Ozzie 6

Fast Eddie 8. Niall Healy 4. Conor Whelan 6


  • the_man_himself
  • Liquorice_pipes

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Not a bad team there by @Liqourice_Pipes but I do think my team is better in the majority of positions.

Cathal Barrett is better than Lohan, Curran is more solid than Ryan I would think without being as swashbuckling driving out with a ball.

Tommy Walsh and Paudie Maher are two great wing backs but you’d have to give Tommy the edge, Crummey is an excellent wing back and Ronan Maher and Brick are probably similar enough centre back in that they’ll both mop up loads of ball but I think Ronan has more hurling on top of that.

Midfield again, Lynch is a bit better than Barron and Shane McGrath a bit better than Johnny Coen I think.

Ozzie wont want to know about it against Tommy Walsh and Harnedy is a much more consistent player. I’d take Dan McCormack above Timmy McCarthy anytime particularly after watching that match yesterday.

In the full forward line they are both excellent players but I think at their best you’d take Richie Power above Eddie Brennan. Power is a leader in the forward line as well as a finisher while Brennan is a great finisher. I only remember Niall Healy for that one game against Kilkenny tbh while Dotsy was a consistent scorer for Dublin

11 voters open up this again to fuck . The best team is getting screwed here .

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By God, I didn’t even get a chance to vote myself.

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@Big_Dan_Campbell made an error here. No harm done, run it again when he comes back online

Let there be no panic.

Fair play lads , ye’ll let it lie , no harm done lads. Shake hands now and we’ll go again .

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You’re one of the daycent ones

What’s the error?

I didn’t win

Ah I see it’s @Rocko poll software which is shit from a laptop. Will go again


Good man, much appreciated.

On their best form he’s not, Barron was untouchable for a couple of years

Old poll deleted and a new one added. It will close around this time tomorrow

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What is your overall opinion on this one @Fran. By my reckoning I just shade it.

I haven’t decided, I have to say I don’t fancy your half forward line if it turns into a battle

Judging from that brief exit poll you will need a miracle pal

I have a feeling that exit poll may work against me

I presume @carryharry is sitting this one out.

I think @the_man_himself has this all over the field. I can’t understand picking P Maher for 10 given the other picks available for those points. Aussie Gleeson is an interesting one, I look at him and immediately think I wouldn’t pick him, but he’s available for 6 points and at that level he’s some value if he decides to show up, a value pick the more I look at it.