TFKNFLFF 2020, maroonandwhites great restructure, all read please

Right, three league commissioners are up for a restructure to put some order back into these noble leagues. We’re hoping to have 36 commited franchises, three randomly selected groups, commish will stay with his league.
This will decide league placement for the 21 season, top 4 in each league into premier league etc.
I think it’s self explanatory, let’s see if we can get the 36

Last years turds were
@manbehindthewire (had been removed for giving up)

@Tank and @the_man_himself have expressed cautious interest in signing up, I think both would be excellent additions

@count_of_monte_crist and @Big_Brian_Lohan, post up the lists and let’s see what we have


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In. Last year was fantastic fun.

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What say ye?


Happy to take part! Do I get to keep the Primera trophy as the final winner?

I strongly object to being in a league with half the cunts in the Segunda and all the cunts in the Primera. I’ve spent four seasons trying to avoid such a fate.

I hope I’m not in a league with my e buddy and TFKNFLFFL advisor @Thomas_Brady

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I’ll give it a rattle

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Happy enough with that. But if I end up in a league with that maroon and white simpleton , I may retire.

The algorithm is gonna have its work cut out to keep some many lads apart.

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I’m in

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:thinking: you are a newbie

I’m an old soul.

Afraid to even tag me. The smell of fear is intoxicating.

Plus you are a no mark here, no one cares if you retire or not.

Unless I’m rightly credited for this idea as it was mine in the first place I’m campaigning hard against it

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Excellent administration.

I’m in.

Segunda is


Not @Gman

@ciarancareyshurlingarmy already on this thread