TFKNFLFFL Ultimate Playoffs

So the time has come for the First division experts and those in the leper league to directly go against each other. The trash talking has been good, but with 2 defined threads, had been a bit all over the shop. This is your one stop thread to abuse and ridicule each other whilst you participate in the fantasy playoff competition.

I will not be explaining the rules, as you should know them by now. If you dont, find out yourself, I’m not your fucking teacher. If you miss a week or fuck up your picks, tough shit. This is no place for weak minds or pussies.

All 24 competetors from both divisions will have got the log in details, but if you forgot them, let me know. However, this is open to the greater regions of TFK, so if any aspiring NFL FFL wannabee wants in, or anyone who thinks that those in the leagues are a load of bluffers, send me a PM for access details.

So far, only 9 have signed up. Can I ask that 2 of you change your names, one who used his real name for his team, and the other who used nflnovice. Just use your username from here to identify yourself.

So to the remaining participants, sign up now, and get your picks in ASAP. Wildcard weeknd is just around the corner, and I dont want to hear whinging cunts say they didnt have time to enter a team.

Huzzah !

TFKNFLFFL regular season champ signing in. @Rocko can you update the Pickem results please? I need to know if I’m going for an unprecedented treble*.

  • Could well be a precedent for all I know.

Sort it out, Rocko.


Is it called the shamrock bowl or something similar? If not can someone put up or pm a link

I just pm’d you, you goon!

Thanks goon features! Another opportunity to let the NFLFFL based rage out. Delightful.

to the rest of the first division cretins, @Bandage[/USER], @[USER=232]Turenne[/USER], @[USER=1]Rocko[/USER], @[USER=1408]Scrunchie[/USER], @[USER=258]cluaindiuic[/USER] @[USER=47]SoulDressing[/USER] @[USER=6]briantinnion get your teams in.

to the lepers, @Elvis Brandenberg Kremmen[/USER] @[USER=1074]Sandymount Red[/USER] et al, get your picks in too, @[USER=1796]Mark Renton can sort out the rest of the cunts missing.

@Anto[/USER] you in mate? anyone else going? @[USER=366]Special Olympiakos[/USER] @[USER=183]Sidney ?

I’ll take a PM

Bump. Hon ta fuck.

I sent you a PM weeks ago you utter fanny for a head.

What’s this shit all about?

fucking pussy, afraid the lepers will make a show of you


Why are they even being invited into some competition with us?

What is this all about?

Jamaal Charles injury could have a big bearing on this weeks numbers

Top of the league:clap:

1[U]crutches0811’s picks[/U]84
2[U]liamflag’s picks[/U]81
3[U]ebkremmen13’s picks[/U]64
4[U]ecstacy79’s picks[/U]61
5[U]Fran’s picks[/U]56
6[U]maroonandwhite12’s picks[/U]55
7[U]gbyrne74’s picks[/U]53
8[U]chocolatepats’s picks[/U]50
9[U]ancicsaor’s picks[/U]47
9[U]watchyourtoes’s picks[/U]47
10[U]Blake’s picks[/U]41
11[U]mackitymac’s picks[/U]20
12[U]braz83’s picks[/U]19
13[U]count2012’s picks[/U]12

Croppy Boy the thick cunt scored zero last week as he picked a team full of players exclusively with byes:eek::D:p

Don’t think he realises that you can make wholesale changes to your team each round