TFK's Far Right - Watch thread (no spongers allowed)

Don’t forget “Morbid Knowledge” and “Nature Is Amazing”.

I was not asked for ID when I voted. I don’t think anyone was whilst I was there

I don’t recall ever being asked for ID when voting and I’m not aware of anybody I know ever being asked for ID when voting either.

It’s hilarious how the operator of that account thinks it’s unusual not to be asked for ID. It’s the sort of thing you would only say if you were a troublemaker posting from America.

I doubt the operator of that account is even aware of the existence of polling cards.

I have always been asked for ID as long as I’ve been voting, must be funny old stuff going on out in the countryside :man_shrugging:

I was asked twice today


Was never asked down home (as they would have known me) but anytime I’ve voted elsewhere I have been asked.

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Local known or local accent is not asked

I have never been asked, having first voted over 30 years ago.

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They detect the Corkness oozing out of you


They knew there was something off

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There are one or two posters here serially guilty of the incorrect use of ‘been’ also which is very disappointing.

The ‘Presiding Officers’ would all live locally in the ‘booth’ area and would have a fair idea of who’s who.

I assume you would be fairly well known locally as a teacher, so it’s surprising alright.

Must be the accent….

This is classic. This will drive the far right cunts mental.

No women or white blokes in this video, bar the interviewer, a foreigner also!

What do you be looking at pal if this is your algorithm?

I called some wagon an ethnicity bore a while back. Might have been it.