TFK's Far Right - Watch thread (no spongers allowed)

We’ve seen an explosion in far right movements in Europe and the USA but somehow we’ve managed to prevent this taking root in Ireland. For how long though. The rumblings in Oughterard have given them a cause to latch onto and this is squarely because of a insidiuos and misguided government policy on refugees and immigration. They are wellknown to have close ties to the anti abortion movement too.

Direct Provision is manna from Heaven for the parish pump politics and the likes of Noel Grealish and Peter Casey will prey upon the genuine fears of ordinary people. It is only in such climates of fear and ignorance where the far right prosper. Examples of their attempts to reach up from beneath the cracks can be lodged here. Feel free to explain or defend this movement if you are so inclined

Oughterard was a warning. Next time these guys will be more than ready



I wrote a bit about this last January

The Irish media are inevitably giving these cunts a big leg up because they’re desperate for clicks, ratings and reaction

Look at how Casey suddenly dominated the narrative by just saying hateful things

It’s that easy

Nobody has ever found a way to out debate fascism because fascism isn’t there to debate

Nobody has ever found a way to defeat fascism when it spreads - except through war or an attritional, decades long endurance, waiting for fascist regimes to collapse in on themselves after decades of oppression

Fergal Keane’s carry on last week was disgraceful - openly directly appealing to an actual neo-Nazi to go on RTE Drivetime - and that saddens me because I like Seascapes - he should stick to that

One thing you don’t do is hand these scum a platform on peak national radio

And hosts can never deal with their propaganda - they’re always unprepared and a pushover

Appalling stuff by Keane, deeply irresponsible

Make no mistake - these scumbags are in this for the long haul - and they are every bit as bad as ISIS and worse in what they seek

How much are they charging for the Astro turf?

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A lot of people spend too much time on social media giving micro groups too much attention

I wouldnt be too worried about Fingal. We’re very tolerant. We’ve taken in allsorts from @Mullach_Ide to @Big_Brian_Lohan and even @myboyblue . We even naturalized @Fagan_ODowd

Thanks mate, I like to think my involvement in Syls is seen as the best way of giving something back.

I speed read that as syphilis. Not sure why…

All sorts of far right propagandists are trying to turn Balbriggan into a cesspit of race hatred

Fingal is fucked

I don’t know but they certainly come across as if they smoke a lot of it

I’ve taken in Fingal mate.

Ireland basically needs a big meat grinder so dublins useless/criminal underclass can be put in it, and their accomodation can be given to honest hard working immigrants. Economic and social powerhouse overnight.

Hate is never acceptable. Racism is never acceptable. And all the other nasty stuff we associate with far right movements is not acceptable… But what conditions allow such groups to prosper?

Right now, a significant number of people cant afford to buy homes in their own country. And are struggling to pay rent, mean while a large amount of property is being bought up by outside investors, playing silly buggers with prices and rents. A number of our best and brightest continue to leave the country so we hirer talent from abroad, who can afford to pay the rents… Foreigners are also doing alot of menial jobs that the Irish think are beneath them now.

Our hospitals are a complete Fuck up and filled with foreign staff… And we could go on… When unregulated capitalism rules the day, when bankers and the perpetraters of white collar crime can do as they please, and your government are happy to hide behind the whims of markets while giving themselves pay rises, people begin to feel a whole lot of anger and resentment…

A whole generation are being priced out of living… Hate will continue grow here just like it is all over the western world, until we begin to value people’s lives again.


Varadkar definitely has a touch of pattel or whatever yer ones name is. Opining yesterday that people who don’t like direct provision are free to leave it at any time.

Irelands transport and health infrastructure is pathetic, but immigrants are still coming and filling all levels of jobs that emigrants and the permanently unemployed won’t or can’t take, even with such terrible rent prices and conditions they are coming and fair play to them. But what does ireland do if the population grows even more, there hasn’t been the government with the foresight to build a city and country for an ever growing population. The utes are disillusioned but who do they vote for? A bunch of shriekers like paul Murphy whos maifesto is past laughable or the pretend ira in their celtic pyjamas equally disconnected from reality?

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Are hospitals in shite because unregulated capitalism rules the day?

They’re in shite since they got rid of all the matrons


you are dead to me you sick cunt

I’ve infiltrated the infidel.

should they vote for FF who caused the crash or right wing parties such as FG & labour who dont give a fuck about them?