TFK's favourite The Wire Character - Heat 1

Top four progress to the last 16. You can select up to four characters.

Feel free to elaborate on your choices

Pick your favourite 4

Heat One
  • Jimmy McNulty
  • Ervin Burrell
  • Herc
  • Rhonda Pearlman
  • Bodie
  • Snoop
  • Slim Charles
  • The Greek
  • Omar
  • Tommy Carcetti
  • Michael

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This has gone too far.


Rhonda Pearlman had a fantastic rack.

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Phenomenal stuff @Big_Dan_Campbell

Fuck off over to the Murder, She Wrote thread so mate


Jesus that’s a strong list. Breaks my heart not to include Herc.

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McNulty - cliched hard drinking Irish cop but a seminal character for his banter with Bunk and his antagonism of Rawls

Bodie - interesting character arc, from the first chess game to one of his final scenes with McNulty on the bench reflecting the futility of the game

Slim - loyal footsoldier who embodied the “game” - “we fight on that lie”

Omar - iconic hero/villain. A metaphor for morality, robbing from the those who deserved it and juxtaposed with Maurice Levy as the shotgun vs the briefcase

Slim Charles was about the only character who didn’t snitch at some point.

He was a soldier

I was gonna axe her for her panties to make soup out of them.



Jimmy, Omar, Bodie and Michael… Bodie was a soldier - stood tall throughout. Michael was fierce - When Marlo axed him why he wouldnt take his money for school goods - axed him was he some kind of punk and Michael glared at him… Marlo wasnt used to that and had to have the boy onside. The boy set his own standards and didnt bow down to anyone else.

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Jimmy, Omar, Michael and Slim Charles for me. Bodie a great character though and one that had longevity

Slim was grand but we didnt get to see much of what was behind him… we got that with Bodie. Slim also retreated as Marlo advanced - it might of been what got Bodie killed but he wouldnt back down to anyone.




Slim Charles

Through to the next round

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