TFK's favourite The Wire Character - Heat 2

Top four progress to the last 16. You can select up to four characters.

Feel free to elaborate on your choices

Pick your favourite 4

Heat 2
  • Bill Rawls
  • Jay Lansman
  • Carver
  • Avon Barksdale
  • Poot
  • Proposition Joe
  • Wallace
  • Ziggy
  • Dennis “Cuttie” Wise
  • Mayor Royce
  • Dukie

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Group of death

Jay is a great character… A sneaky brown nosing company man… But he doesn’t miss a trick. Clearances and Rawls are his only concerns… He doesn’t give two fucks after that.

Rawls, Avon, Jay, Cutty and Prop Joe - two actual heavy heavyweights in there. Some great characters in this group

Rawls, Avon and Prop Joe automatic selections. Hesitant final vote for Carver for his evolution in Season 4

Is there a third heat @Big_Dan_Campbell?

3rd and 4th

I gave a vote to Rawls, not sure I mentioned it before but I sat near him in the Aviva before. Not great voting for someone you know personally but sure that’s the way the world works and he’d do the same for me.

I was on a train from Philly to DC before. As it passed through Bawlmore I glimpsed the west side row houses. I immediately gained a deep appreciation of the challenges and difficulties of life there, on how it can force you down a path of illegality. However I also understood that man has the capacity to change, and for an inner decency to be maintained. I recognized this duality in Cutty so he has received vote number two.

Notwithstanding those circumstances, I believe that a society needs laws to function properly, and needs right thinking individuals to protect the innocent so voted for carver.

But free expression and individuality are the key components of the American dream. No character was as true to himself as Avon he knew he was nothing more than a gangster. Not a huckster, or a businessman. So he got vote 4


Vote early and vote often for the big man

Jolly Jay should go far


Jay v Cutty for my final pick… Can’t decide

Cutty had a lovely way about him. The women couldn’t make enough food for him

Rawls, Prop Joe, Jay and Cuttie … I had Ziggy in initially but he was a 1 hit wonder so that went against him.

Jay was a ruthless fucker … I forgot it was him leaked a story to the press to fuck Mayor Royce… A great man to cover his own arse and hang someone else.

Just started S2 last night. Forgot how much of a loon/ great character Ziggy was.

Anyone on the fence about Jay, a reminder of this sealed the deal for me

This is the weakest group for me.

Prop Joe




Through to the next round

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