TFK's favourite The Wire Character - Heat 3

Top four progress to the last 16. You can select up to four characters.

Feel free to elaborate on your choices

Pick your favourite 4

Heat 3
  • Cedric Daniels
  • Lester Freamon
  • Kima Greggs
  • Stringer Bell
  • Marlo Stanfield
  • Brother Mouzone
  • Nick Sobotka
  • Spiros
  • Bubbles
  • Clay Davis
  • Randy Wagstaff

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That’s a tough one.

Lester, Marlo, Nick and Bubbles for me.

Cedric and Kima unlucky to lose out.

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I think Lester and Bubbles are locks but the next two spots could go either way.


I was just going to type that!

Clay Davis. :clap:

Bubbles will be hard bet overall.

Himself and Omar are the two front runners. Lester and Dennis Wise will go far too

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The clip of Bubbles when he comes to the school with his buddy who has difficulty counting is deadly.

There he is in his best gear. He notices Prez, and is somewhat shocked to see him, and gives him a kind of ‘thumbs up how’s it going what are you doing here’ type vibe.

The acting is off the charts.

Fucking hell Mick. This is so tough. Bubbles and Lester definitely. Daniels and Stringer perhaps. Have a soft spot for the Brother Mouzone character. And then there’s the senator

This is a great couple of scenes

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The courtroom scene is fantastic

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The bit when clay Davis takes Tommy carrcetti for 20k the morning of the election and is then celebrating that night with him is wonderful. “Shiiiit I could have taken you for a lot more”.

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Thought Bubbles would have topped the poll

Clay over Marlo? :open_mouth: