TFK's favourite The Wire Character - Heat 4

Top four progress to the last 16. You can select up to four characters.

Feel free to elaborate on your choices

Pick your favourite 4

Heat 4
  • Valchek
  • Bunk Moreland
  • Bunny Colvin
  • D’Angelo Barksdale
  • Chris Partlow
  • Wee Bae
  • Frank Sobotka
  • Sergie
  • Prez
  • Namond
  • Norman

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Frank, Bunny and Bunk my top three here. Fourth spot requires a lot of thinking.

Why always Boris?

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D for me.

Frank, Colvin , Bunk nailed on. Reluctant nod for Prez

I’m happy now…

Valchek, Chris, Wee Bae and Boris.

Will Colicchio feature?

He wasn’t nominated, he was a thundering prick just like that bollocks that broke Donuts fingers

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What about Sydnor?

There was a nomination process? :eek:

Yes there was a thread earlier in the week. Sydner got a mention but no nomination. A few other noticeable omissions in the likes of Maurice Levy

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very straight forward round



Frank Sobotka


Wee Bae

Through to the next round. Chris and De’Angelo the big names to fall