TFK's favourite The Wire Character - Quarter Final 1

16 characters remain - two quarter finals - 8 in each - top 2 go to semis

Quarter Final 1
  • Jimmy McNulty
  • Avon Barksdale
  • Bubbles
  • Frank Sobotka
  • Prop Joe
  • Omar
  • Stringer
  • Bunny

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Omar is the quintessential American character. A rugged individualist, ruthless and hard, yet caring to people close. Concerned only with survival and profit but open to self examination, like when bunk talked to him about the effect he had on children.

It’s omar and one other. Could be any of them. Far stronger heat than other one. Went for Joe, a legend.

Omar and Bubbles

The big 2.

Although Stringer surprisingly low. He was a cunt but a good character.

He had notions of himself, above his station.

a weak character


The more you watch it you realise he was all notions and Avi the one with real brains and intuition


if he was never in it, it wouldn’t have mattered

The Chump Brothers :grin:

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Also I think I will just run the four remaining characters left in a grand final rather than two semi fin

Disappointed not to see Slim Charles make it.


Omar polls a big vote.

Bubbles is my favourite. I think he’s just fantastic to watch. Humour, tragic, caring and above all resilience.


Downtown Clay Davis
Thhheeeeeeee Clay Davis

Bubbles is a wonderfully written character

he was brilliant, but only a bit part player in the big scheme of things, taking out Cheese was one of the greatest things i ever saw

The acting was majestic.

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Too much depth for some lads…they want the low brow drunken Mick , Jimmy …

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some lads are just stone mad for explosions and shooting, thats why Omar is a big pollster