TFK's favourite The Wire Character - Quarter Final 2

2 to go through

A weaker line up than the other one in my opinion

Quarter Final 2
  • Bodie
  • Bill Rawls
  • Clay Davis
  • Wee Bae
  • Slim Charles
  • Cuttie
  • Lestor
  • Bunk

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It’s like the hurling semis, this one is Waterford v Kilkenny

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Bunk and lester


Two quarter finals? Shouldn’t there be four?

A stereotype like Bunk above deep characters likes Bodie and Bill Rawls, some lads haven’t a clue


I didn’t watch to be cluttering up the forum with too many of these threads

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That’s like the Jehovah’s saying they don’t like Halloween cos they don’t like anyone coming to the door bothering them.

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