Tfk's Kev applys for a job

Kev shares his philosophy on life

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Thanks mate

Nah, not me, i’m way better looking that that guy.

Your obviously hurting at me slagging you off recently. Your trying very, very very, hard here.

failed badly though, better luck next time.

Will anyone ever be able to get you on here kev? That’s the question.

As it happens Runt may do, and sledgehammer as well, possibly, but generally i couldn’t give a fuck who gets what.

Your very bitter though, its making me smile. :slight_smile:

I’m like a lemon

Really WTB, really?
You’re better than that!

As kev has demonstrated, I’m not.

Good one Kev…

You’ve left WTB a broken man.

You’re some selfish prick!

Stop drawing attention to it.

Dere is a pattern emerging here.

First NCC, now WTB, take it easy Kev or it’ll just be myself and yourself here, and my posts are generally pretty bland and inane, so it’ll get boring real quick.

You’re right, too late for me though.

Your safe enough Runt, you “get it” B)

You lucky bastard runt