TFKs very own Hip Hop thread


Devastating news about my favourite rapper Prodigy of Mobb Deep passing away yesterday.

Have been listening to his music for nearly 20 years…absolute legend.




@The_Most_Infamous username is named after that man and Mobb Deep…was shocked and saddened to hear that.

Their music will live on.

Going give the infamous album a spin now.


Did you pour a beer on a curb in memory of your homie, homes?


My favourite DJ Shadow with one of my new favourites Danny Brown


A sick beat -


Real Hip Hop for real Hip Hop people.


You’ll appreciate this mate if you’re a fan of real hiphop.



Another one for you @ChocolateMice,

Real shit…give it a listen.

This song answers your N question along with religion.


To be fair, the boy Kendrick Lamar is restoring a lot of good faith in Hip Hop — it’s been muck for 10 or so years. The use of N is still prevalent but the beat in some of his tracks are class - e.g Humble. His videos are a work of art.

What do the resident Wiggers have to say on the boy?




Gas tripping cunts.


Very reminiscent of a young @ChocolateMice


Finger Banging welch?


If I gotta go hard on a bitch, i’ma make it look sexy.


Only heard this song at his gig on Wednesday, have to listen to his new stuff, this is class.


Cat got your tongue @Turenne / @glasagusban ???


The silence from the forum’s wiggers is deafening



@Turenne has already explained this to you. Just because much of Hip Hop has disgustingly violent lyrics, does not mean Hip Hop artists could possibly commit acts of violence.


So they’re pretending?